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Katapult Trampoline Park

Break out of your usual routine with a big dose of adrenaline-pumping fun at Katapult Trampoline Park! With seven activity stations ranging from an exhilarating 3-metre freefall and defying-gravity runs up the walls, to simply bouncing around in bliss on interconnected trampolines, there is bound to Read More

81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-11
+65 6754 5188
[email protected]

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Singapore 2019

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Recent Reviews
Brought the kids here for a fun time on a weekday and it was relatively empty. More opportunities for them to jump around. Good workout for them. If not for my knee problem, would have join in too. The place is a bit hidden when you drive in, but if you take public transport, you can walk in from Yishun.Read more
The park was pretty clean and nice. Waiting room and the play area were pretty will managed and designed. Air conditioned and clean. Went there for team bonding with some of my team-mates and all of them had fun. Staff were pretty helpful and kept a close eye on potential dangers. They even taught some of us how to do certain stunts. The participants were also managed so it didn't get too overcrowded. Definitely worth the trip at least onceRead more
Katapult blew my mind! As expats in Dubai over 6 years, Katapult captured our imagination with its clean & bright interiors, natural light & glass walls boasting the gorgeous greenery surrounding its walls. We went last Friday afternoon while it's still quiet. As it's just across the street, we decided to walk there & were blessed with a downpour. Perfect for these desert dwellers! My children & 2 nephews had a grand time trying out the different trampolines. I noticed the Marshals are young, attentive & friendly. Tap their expertise- they're there to teach you the ropes! With July being their anniversary month, there are weekly promos to entice bouncers to Katapult. My children are definitely coming back. I promised the Marshals I'd give it a try next time. Keep up the bouncy spirit, Katapult! Keep your (new) fans coming back!Read more
Great place for letting go energy for pre teen and teen. This is the type of birthday party parents want. Cosy indoor room for parents and younger children while older one will be lead by party organizer of the park. One party that the energetic teen will appreciate.Read more
Nicely setup with trampoline in every corner, good place for kids to release excess energy, building up relationship with others Do bring some water with you as you will need to drink lots of water, sometimes kids may be too excited with the fun and forget to replenish the water needed by the body Older kids don't really follow the house rules and running and jumping from trampoline to trampoline. Management may need to take a look at this, may incur injuriesRead more