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Kenilworth Karting

Kenilworth Karting is located behind Access Park in Kenilworth and delivers top-quality services to its customers. Among them, a fast, well-built track, high-quality & regularly maintained karts, electronic timings, result printouts, and a modern, clean racing environment. Most of the customers are ... More

Corner of Warrington and 10 Myhoff Road
+27 21 683 2670
Kenilworth Karting

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Cape Town 2020

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15 lap race (3offers)

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Recent Reviews
After having had great fun here at two previous occasions (January 2018 & May 2019) and in bringing both local and international friends, I was disappointed in the disrepair of the karts this time. On my first lap, my whole steering rack came loose, forcing me to stop and change karts. Thankfully with no adverse effects. My second kart had the gas pedal jammed on and the breaks were really bad. There was also a leak in the fuel tank on one of my friends karts, and another where the tyres were pretty bad. I really enjoy the karting here, but feel the wear and tear on the karts is a little worrying and quite frankly dangerous and cause for some serious consideration for a return experience. To add to this, the attitude of the staff to safety; both in their lack of communicating a proper safety briefing (explaining only the flags is not a safety briefing) and their own "antics" on the track do not a proper example for anyone coming here. I really enjoy karting, have had a lot of fun here before and hope they can improve on safety and staff attitude points once again. More
On my first lap as I was taking the first a bend, the go kart flipped over with me underneath it. Had lots of cuts and bruises, the race was stopped and I was told that they have no first aid kit so I had to get in my car and drive to seek medical attention even though I had a mild concussion and was bleeding from about 7 wounds on my body. Staff was disinterested even before the race and the lady in the front had the worst attitude. Was offered no assistance whatsoever even though it was due to lack of maintenance on the karts. Tyres were very bad and karts were used all day non stop.More
My daughter and her cousins went it was their first time because they were struggling at first the guy at the place disqualified them their ride lasted 10min there was no rules up saying u can be disqualified and we were there 3 hours before the time they were really looking forward to it and this guy just spoilt it for them and no refund also won't ever go back waisted our money idiot that he is. More
It was such an amazing experience. We had a really good time. Cannot wait to do it again. Good service as well. Staff are friendly and very helpful. More
Our 2 kids aged 4 & 5 were both accommodate on the tandem carts, they had an absolute blast. Will definitely be back.More