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KidZania Kuala Lumpur

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is an award-winning indoor family edutainment centre that offers interactive learning and role play experiences for kids. The first of its kind in providing edutainment fun, KidZania empowers and inspires kids to pursue their life’s dreams by providing them with an avenue to Read More

18, Jalan PJU 7/5, Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Curve NX
+603 2203 9666
[email protected]

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Malaysia 2019

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Recent Reviews
Went on a Thursday, there were 3 school groups but not as crowded as I expected! Managed to do 3 or 4 industries with 5mins wait. The longest wait we encountered that day was "Mission" (chicken wrap) as the earlier session just started & this station's staff was really unenthusiastic, there was hardly any expression on her face *.* Secured the 4:30pm Vitagen slot an hour earlier with the sticker system, used the 1hr wait time to go for 2 other occupations. Found this system useful! There's a Parents Lounge where the parents/adults can take a break. All in all, my kids covered 16 occupations through the day & totally enjoyed it!Read more
Hello There ....Little Little kids and Who wants a place to go to to be a kid again.!! If you are not at Kidzania , You're not in a kids place at all, The kids at home grew up here. Every visit Every age....You'd almost think this place was designed by a Kid!.. A great place for a full day indoor activity, bringing out the creativity ambition talent and fun in kids. A combination of creation and education where your kids would learn while they play.The theme of Kidzania is one of mordern day communities with its many amenities and corporations where kids can interact in a real world experience of what each corporation handles in terms of the service they provide to the community we live in. Be sure to book a slot at kidzania for your kid. Its a well organised, safe place with several food options inside. Book in for kids functions and let your kids enjoy a day of amazing fun!! or just hop along. Don't miss Kidzania, beside The Curve, Damansara. You'll love this place! Please call in for more enquiries or check out their website.Read more
I brought my 5 years old there during school holiday. We spent around 40mins queueing for the tickets because we want to get discount using touch and go eWallet. Can’t get the same discount if buy ticket online. All the stations don’t allow parents to accompany the child, and my son is reluctant to play on his own. Besides, the waiting time for each station is long, each session only opens for certain number of children only. At the end, we just spent time walking around seeing other children play. There is parents resting place which children are not allowed to go in. There are stalls selling food inside kidzania and no outside food allowed inside.Read more
It’s a BIG hype, nothing more. It’s completely disarrayed.... Out of the 30 something activities there, your child may get an opportunity to do just 3-4, as it takes a lot of time to get into an activity. And then, the activities itself aren’t that good. These are meant for children below 8 years. They may enjoy some things. Then the food. It’s a complete waste of expectation and money. Finally, the Malaysian attitude. Not harsh, but simply not interested in enhancing customer experience. Overall, a HUGE disappointment for us as parents as well as to our kid.Read more
My Son had his 4th Birthday party there. It was nightmare to organize because it took almost a week for them to answer an email, when i called no-one could put me through to speak to the right person and when we went to the office to pay, both times we waited just under an hour for a simple card transaction. Firstly, the food selection for Birthdays is terrible but we weren't allowed to bring our own and we had to feed our guests something so we had to order. When we arrived early, as the hosts (1010am) we were rudely shunned away and told to come back at 1030am as if 20 minutes of us sitting there was an inconvenience. We were allowed to pre-book two activities for our party so we booked the flight simulator and the fire brigade. They chose for us to do the flight simulator first. The kids were separated from their parents and ushered into what looks like a real plane. They didn't wait for all of the party to be together so I had to take my daughter inside about 5 minutes after they had started. When I went inside, two of the kids (my Son included) were in tears. They thought the were on a real airplane being taken!! None of the staff came outside to tell us this and so luckily when I went inside with my daughter i was able to calm them down. The staff looked at me with such attitude, they clearly didn't want me in there. They were miserable and just left the kids to fly by themselves, they didn't appear to do any instructing. When we went to the fire station, my Son didn't want to do it along with a few other kids so I sat in the fire engine. Two staff barked at me to get out and when they got the person in charge of the fire station I had to explain that the Birthday boy does not want to go without me and the other kids are 4 and under and need to know they are safe with a parent. Finally they agreed but told me strictly 'no pictures' So is this really what you are bothered about in the first place? Thankfully the staff at the Birthday parade lifted everyones spirits. The drummers were amazing!! The kids had lunch and then they left. We hung around for two more activities which I would like to praise the Supermarket staff and Petrol Station staff for doing a great job with the kids.You could tell they genuinely cared and understood them. In future, please do not accept Birthday parties for children under 4 unless you change your policy on parents being allowed to accompany them and please organize your events team a little better, even in the end i had to miss my Son in action as i had to wonder off at the end of the day to make another payment. Im glad we were able to turn this into a positive experience for the kids, although they haven't mentioned it once or tried to drag me back again since we left, which is unusual for them. For me the whole experience was painful and I won't take them there again anyway, at least not in Malaysia The concept does seem great but the way everything runs in your Malaysian venue is shocking.Read more