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KidZania® is an award-winning children’s ‘edutainment’ concept, located on the 2nd level of The Dubai Mall. It provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them—role-playing by mimicking activities normally done by adults ... More

2nd Level, Cinema Parking
+971 4 448 5222

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Recent Reviews
This place could be so good as the set up is very good but the staff put no effort in and couldn't be bothered at all. My little boy was very upset by how little care the staff they put in with most just wanting to sit down and chat- I even said to one member of staff put some effort in and make the kids enjoy it- they just laughed and proceeded to use his mobile phone when he should have been entertain children. Its a shame as with the right staff and some effort put in it could be so good however these guys just want to pick up their salary and put zero effort in.More
We went two times till now, my son & his friends enjoy together when being there, it's a great place to explore, find ur skills and future opportunities More
The kids and I were very happy. We got there at 2 pm, only to leave the place at 20h00.Time just went by without even noticing. We bought the premium package. They were able to do almost everything that the facility has to offer. I do not like the fact that parents are not allowed to get into the various rooms.More
I didn’t even get through the ticket que - the staff weren’t really open for answering questions. So we basically just walked away. It’s just so weird that everywhere in Dubai has good service. I’m going back to Dubai shortly, but will skip this after reading so many bad reviews!More
AVOID for younger children This place has amazing facilities but I had a really frustrating and horrible experience. This is a five star venue that Kidzania has no doubt worked hard to develop. BUT this place is let down by the truly awful staff. A great majority of the staff are abrupt and not engaging. They are also very rude to the parents. I get the premise that children need to do it on their own but this isn’t executed in a way that is friendly or fun. I don’t understand why the staff have to be so rude. I am an incredibly chilled person but this place brought me to a rage. I am actually writing this review whilst still inside the venue which I hope shows the level of frustration this place has caused. The ethos of this place is all wrong! The lack of engagement between the staff and families are not good. There is a complete lack of understanding that young children who are tourists might be nervous or have difficulty understanding the staff. Parents are ordered out away from the children in a way that just gets everyone uptight. Again I understand their stance that not all parents can fit in the activities but for most of the day we were the only family doing the experience. The staff would shut the door in my face and say I wasn’t allowed in or to even listen. All they had to do was leave the door open and it would be so much nicer. I am struggling to express the negative approach towards parents and staff. It’s like you are a nuisance. I read other reviews and thought the other people were maybe exaggerating things. But honestly not, this is the unfriendliest family experience I have ever done with my children. We discussed this with management and again left feeling frustrated. This made me realise this isn’t an isolated member of staff being rude, this is a training issue. In this place a four year old is expected to leave their parent, go with a complete stranger who speaks with a broken English accent and be rudely shut away from their parents and do an activity. So many opportunities and enjoyment is lost by adopting this approach. I could understand if the staff were highly trained teachers but they weren’t. They weren’t engaging. During the astronaut encounter the staff member asked a question, a challenging question for a six year old. He gave it a really good go to answer. But was met with a really blunt response. “Why is mars red” 6YO: “because it has volcanoes on it?” “NO” **awkward silence** In what world do you shut down a kid like that? There has to be a better way to deliver this experience. I’m not the only one that thinks this. What this place needs is some real input from teachers and a review on how to deliver the experience to young guests. I dread to think what the place would be like for any child that needed extra help or carers. In summary Rude staff Anti family A very upsetting experience I left feeling sad and angry My children got upset on multiple occasions because of the manner parents and families are split up. I just can’t understand the negative approach they have decided to take. I hate this placeMore