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Korean Fusion BBQ

Korean Fusion BBQ is a restaurant that offers a satisfying dining experience with a menu featuring delicious Korean cuisine. They are famous for their Korean Fusion BBQ buffet with a wide array of ingredients to choose from such as pork belly, chicken portions, seafood and much more. Located along ... More

5 Dunlop Street, #02-00
Little India
+65 6884 6884
Korean Fusion BBQ

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Recent Reviews
Very average, and sometimes poor tasting meats, but pretty affordable if you have a 1-for-1 Chope voucher. Service could be better. Not coming back I'm afraid.More
don't ever come here and eat. table is oily and all food is not fresh, seafood even worse, smells like rotten food. only ice cream nice. More
I dined here many times. This is the place to eat till you feel as if you are going to burst. Service and food quality aside, there is really pretty much nothing to complain for $20 odd per person eating 600gs of pork, beef and chicken EACH. Service - Must to be desired. But it is not downright poor either. Its just about the same you can expect from a food court. Then again, at the food court you do pay about $20 too. Food - The selection is generally ok. Not great. The standard items are available although nothing compared to your Tanjong Pagar Korean BBQ. The quality is edible and did not give me a bad tummy after the 14 times that i've visited over the past 4 years.More
If you prefer a place that has quantity over quality then this place might just be for you! To begin with, ordering process seemed easy, scan the QR code watch for the number and collect it. But do take note that they do not tell you which number is which, and they may miss out on certain food items. In terms of the food, the beef has a lot of tendons and trust me you wouldn’t want to be spending a good chunk of time just chewing through it. Chicken were really thick and cooking took along time. To be honest, many of the meat selection weren’t that great. Also for the garlic chicken, in my preference, was kinda a no go, it tastes a bit sandy grainy that is similar when you have bad prawns. Also it felt weird that they wouldn’t provide tissue paper and you had to ask them, and it clearly was those that were taken from a toilet roll. No judgements, just feel that it cheapens the whole experience More
sacrificing quality of food and service for a cheaper price is not worth it. food was horrendous. never going back. More