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La Cuccina

Good food is about simple food, cooked in your kitchen with great ingredients and precision of techniques and enjoyed with friends and family at any time. At La Cuccina, we aim to provide you with a casual and deeply relaxed space where you can feel at home. We offer comfort food that you can relate Read More

Shop No 1, Corner of Victoria & Empire Road
Hout Bay
Victoria Mall
+27 21 790 8008
[email protected]

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Cape Town 2020

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Recent Reviews
It’s a bit off the main track but well worth a visit. We had an excellent buffet lunch. Great choice nd cost is dependent on weight of your plate - nice, fun touch.Read more
Lovely place for breakfast varied menu and very good coffee,I particularly recommend the eggs Benedict which l had with a sideof bacon delicious. Good service and very competitive can also partake in their buffet lunch which is comprehensive and available every day.Read more
Whether you go for the lunch buffet or any of the menu items, you will not be disappointed. There's a wide variety of salads, tapas and hot food available. All food is prepared using high quality organic and free range products. Tasty, scrumptious, well priced and you are always well looked after by the waiter staff on duty.Read more
I am not a huge eater, and always seem to leave food on my plate. I hate waste, and so this is a practice that I dislike. It was a delight to find the delicious fare at La Cuccina, where one serves oneself, and pays by weight. They have a buffet-style counter from which to choose, with some standard items like chicken, and then some really interesting variations - particularly on the vegetable and salad side. I had a very substantial meal - lamb chops, salad and a variety of vegetables, and my price for the plate was R78! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the food, and it was a really great lunch. We have ben back twice, and have enjoyed the experience every time. One can sit indoors or outdoors, and the umbrellas provide shade and a happy atmosphere. I would highly recommend this venue, particularly for small eaters who don't want to waste food!Read more
I am a regular at La Cuccina, I eat lunch there a few times per week, and I have been having breakfast there most Saturdays over the past few years, despite the mediocre coffee. This speaks volumes about the food and friendly staff. The coffee is let down by the mediocre beans as the baristas are well trained and really work with what they have at their disposal. I have raised this many times with management but the coffee remains La Cuccina's Achilles heal. I do not eat meat so my review is an ovo-lacto vegetarian review. The restaurant can get very noisy when it is busy and there is no ambiance to speak of. There is an outdoor deck area which offers a comfortable relief from the noise and is a great place to enjoy a meal when the weather is good. There is also a couch on the deck which adds a comfortable option to hang out with friends. The smoking deck is separate from the covered deck so smoke contamination is rarely a problem. Their croissants and cakes are reliable, freshly baked and very good though I have only tried about 5 of them. There is a good selection of prepared meals (also tried about 5 of them) for taking home and re-heating and these are generally healthy, tasty and well priced. They have some good quality wines at good prices too. They don't have many freshly squeezed juices but they do have a selection of fresh bottled fresh juices. They present an elaborate, tasty and healthy (if you are okay with lots of cream and butter) lunch buffet every day which is the main reason I frequent this restaurant so often. The breakfast menu has many options but I have not been that adventurous in that area as the kitchen is rather inconsistent with some of the important breakfast staples like eggs Benedict or omelettes, though their eggs Benedict is still very good. BTW, I have tasted the Benedict sauce there on most Saturday mornings for the past 2 years. The buffet has a substantial fresh salad selection and my only gripe about the salads is that I would like to see more leaves rather than so many meats, vegetables and pasta though I am aware that this is simply my personal preference. I appreciate the effort that is made in the range and variety of salads and it is possible to have a substantial meal of only salads. It is worth emphasizing that a vegetarian can get a tasty and fulfilling meal at La Cuccina for breakfast or lunch. In summary, if you have a large or small group of hungry people with a variety of dietary preferences and you are looking for a healthy and tasty meal for everyone then you will be very happy at La Cuccina. If you are after a savory or sweet croissant, cake or tart then you will be very happy there as long as you are not that serious about having a great coffee with your meal. My sentiments about the coffee are shared with many of the regulars and despite my attempts to convince the management to upgrade the beans I have not yet succeeded.Read more