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La Favorita

If you are looking for a quality pizza restaurant in Edinburgh then look no further than La Favorita, one of the best pizzerias in the whole of Britain. Enjoy the authentic taste of an award-winning Italian pizzeria in contemporary surroundings in Leith, with a warm welcome and piping hot pizzas Read More

325-331 Leith Walk, EH6 8SA
+44 131 554 2430
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. After a pizza order which, after 2 hours of phone calls still hadn’t turned up, I was finally informed that it had never been processed. No refund could be given then and I was told to contact customer services through website, who would get back to me swiftly. A total lack of customer service response/ refund, (still no response after 4 days) Looks like a similar story from the other reviews below!!Read more
I ordered in one night as I enjoy the food at the restaurant. My flat is a 3 minute drive from the restaurant and it was out for delivery for just under 40 minutes, needless to say the food was stone cold. I complained immediately via phone and they were pleasant and understanding, they told me I could get a refund and customer care would be in contact in the next 72 hours. No one contacted, so I emailed twice, no reply, so I phoned again. I then got an email from Luca from Vittoria customer care who basically called me a liar and I emailed him back, got no response. This has been going on for a month and I am awaiting a refund and an apology from Luca soon, however I won’t hold my breath. This is the first bad review I’ve ever left for a place, I just feel I’ve been mistreated.Read more
I tried to use the loyalty points against a full price item, but they changed the price of my basket as the payment was processed without telling me there would be a new higher amount charged. This meant I paid more for my basket after applying my loyalty discount than the value of my basket was before applying the points (even though I was applying the points against a full price item that was valid) - they simply took more money of their own accord, which was more than I agreed to and more than the cost of the items I was ordering. The pizza then arrived without the chicken topping, which is an important ingredient on a chicken and mushroom pizza. I called straight away and was promised a refund to correct the overcharge. It's now 2 weeks later. After 3 calls to the shop, 3 emails to customer care and 2 (seen) social media messages later they remain unresponsive to an unresolved overcharge. The refund has not been issued, and customer care has not been in touch. The best I have had by way of a follow up is being told over the phone that "a manager will call you back at 4pm" which didn't happen. I was also rudely told on a different follow up call (again made my me) that "we know who you are and are dealing with you." I was again promised a response today, but none has arrived. Processing a payment that has not been agreed to by the customer is unethical business conduct, and I have now had to raise a dispute with my bank due to the lack of response from customer care, despite being told it is refundable and would be refunded. Really, I have better things to do with my time than to chase around for a refund from a mediocre pizza delivery that took an hour to arrive and came without the toppings.Read more
The place was amazing. The food was lovely and the prices were alright as well. The staff did a very good job.Read more
Ate here on Tuesday 7th may had a variety of dishes pizza fried mixed fish maccaroni cheese all were very good great friendly waiting staff one in particular great fun was trying to teach my cousin some basic Italian words for hid trip to Italy on following week nice place to eat .Read more