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La Paloma

The award-winning Catalan chef duo of Willy Trullas Moreno and Alex Fargas bring an authentic yet fun Spanish dining experience to Sai Ying Pun. La Paloma features live paella stations and an “el Asador” Spanish clay oven while the menu offers choices of over 30 dishes and boasts a diverse ... More

1st Level, SoHo 189, 189 Queen's Road West
+852 2291 6161
La Paloma

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  • Sai Ying Pun


Recent Reviews
🧡❤️💛 食西班牙菜就要食前菜🇪🇸 心血來潮又想食西班牙菜了!近排好似每個月都去搵西班牙餐廳食食🥰食西班牙菜除咗食飯,更值得order嘅一定係Tapas😛依間餐廳嘅Tapas款式多,配搭新穎😚作為前菜,嗌多幾款都得呀! ❤️Ensalada De Atun❤️ $188 (Tuna, king crab & salmon roe salad with crispy black paella crackers) 其實佢就係吞拿魚、帝王蟹、三文魚籽沙律配脆餅,🥗味道鮮甜又清新 搭配脆餅一齊食,口感好豐富! 💚Pimientos Del Padron💚 $90 (Fried Padron peppers) 炒西班牙青椒🫑雖然係青椒,不過佢冇咩辣度,食落口會有清爽感覺! 🤎Bikini🤎 $98 (Spanish-style toasted sandwich of cheese, Iberian ham and black truffle) 依個西班牙風味烤三文治入面有芝士、伊比利亞火腿及黑松露,🥪味道有層次,仲好香添! 🧡Calamar Relleno🧡 (Stuffed squid) 釀魷魚內餡豐富,一啖咬落去先係帶少少韌性嘅魷魚筒,再到肉餡!🦑旁邊仲有potato chips增加口感! 🖤Paella Valenciana🖤 $368 (Traditional style with chicken, rosemary, green beans and artichokes) 嚟到西班牙餐廳,又點可以錯過西班牙雞肉燴飯呢?全港最巨型嘅西班牙什錦海鮮飯果然份量驚人!入面有傳統華倫西亞雞肉、迷迭香配青豆及雅枝竹燴飯,米飯粒粒分明🥘亦都吸收晒精華,底部仲有少少飯焦,好香口! 🤍Churros🤍 $88 (Churros with chocolate dipping sauce and vanilla ice cream) 依個傳統西班牙炸脆條配巧克力醬及雲呢拿雪糕,其實就係西班牙油炸鬼,香脆嘅口感搭配甜蜜蜜味道🍨食完好幸福! 🍹VIRGIN SANGRIA🍹 $90 依杯SANGRIA係冇酒精嘅,由提子汁🍇同埋梳打水混合,入面仲有啲新鮮水果添! 🍷RED SANGRIA🍷 $98 以紅酒為酒底,加入咗vermouth 所以帶微苦回甘,當然都有新鮮水果啦!入口有果香甜又有紅酒味,層次豐富! 依度環境唔錯,燈光同佈置都好有氣氛!星期六、日會有weekend Brunch,星期日仲會有歌舞表演添!大家可以嚟睇呀!BTW記得save post,方便向店員查詢有關餐點啦❣ 📍La Paloma 📍西環西營盤皇后大道西189號西浦1樓More
Located at the outskirt of the commercial centre where not many good restaurants are found, this Spanish restaurant may be the best in town. All their dishes, ranging from tapas, main courses to paellas are of superb quality. The settings in the restaurant are comfortable and their staff are professional. Great value of money for their weekday lunch sets and weekend brunch.More
My husband and I have been wanting to try La Paloma for a little while, obviously restrictions and that have made it tricky. Also having eaten some mediocre tapas we were a bit hesitant at first, but we were feeling spontaneous and took the risk and we went and it was a risk that paid off greatly to our surprise. The food was very delicious, fresh and full of flavour. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed enough to make you feel comfortable, but fancy and nice enough to feel like you are in a nice restaurant. We had many things, but I enjoyed the mussel croquettes and the beef cheek empandillas the most. Considering we ate a fair amount of tapas and had a few drinks, the food was very good value for money. The staff are friendly and the service was great, definitely will be back again soon.More
It’s my first visit to La Paloma. I didn’t expect much. Our meal turned out to be very enjoyable. My friend and I took the Restaurant Week dinner menu (HK$438 per person). There’s a lot of food. All dishes were delicious. I particularly liked: - Iberico ham croquette - garlic and chilli prawn - slow roasted suckling pig with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms - squid ink paella. The food, especially the paella which we couldn’t finish, came in substantial portions. We’re both very full in the end. Considering the food quantity and quality, the menu offered excellent value for money. The service was commendable. Chef Alex Fargas (previously at Fofo by El Willy which is now closed) was very friendly. He came to say thanks and ask our comments on the food. I only gave 4 stars because: - It’s very noisy in the restaurant. - Our table was in a corner near the kitchen. There wasn’t enough air-conditioning. - Some of the staff didn’t wear their face masks properly (i.e. with the nose exposed). However, it’s worth coming back for the good food alone.More
...and nearly everything about it would be worth 5* were it not for the fact that several of the dishes were far too salty, almost like they had been covered in it. However, I hope to visit again because several of the dishes, such as the suckling pig and the stuffed octopuses, were extraordinarily good. Lovely space too and the staff were fantastic, even allowing us to remain long after our time had finished to polish the last of the free-flow drinks.More