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Layang Layang

  • Asian

In Layang Layang which is the Indonesian name for kites, we serve a delicious selection of Southeast Asian cuisine. All the parts of a meal are presented at once and enjoyed together at the same time. As a result, the food experience is a shared one with family and friends ... More

Jalan Kusuma Sari No. 8
+ 62 361 3011 888
Layang Layang

Redeemable at:

  • Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali



Recent Reviews
We enjoyed breakfast at Layang Layang restaurant while we were staying at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali. There’s not much to write home about their daily buffet, but I really enjoyed my smashed avocado, smoked salmon and poached eggs from the menu and loved their nice strong coffee. We found their lunch and dinner were not particularly appealing. However, we love every man and woman who’s working in that restaurant. They are very friendly, dedicated and well mannered. Big thank you to them all, particularly to the lady at the entrance welcoming the guests. When we visited, she’s heavily pregnant, hope everything went well for her new baby.More
We only dined for breakfast, but it was such a treat. My husband and I looked forward to breakfast at Layang Layang everyday during our stay. Staff was so sweet, remembered our name, and loved the food, coffee, and refreshing beverages. Missing our mornings there right now as I think back to our trip. More
The rise terrace, Bali swing and other attractions really beautiful, but to go there is stressfully because of the traffic jams. In Bali it feel very hot for Germans because of the humanity. Street are very crowded and busy. The hotel feels like a protected luxus island with lot of space compared to outside life to recover from stressfully but very interesting day trips. The stuff is very very friendly. The food is excellent. We used the massage and Cocktails in the Bar with Chillout music.More
Great food and service, good variety of food and always ready to mete something off the menu if requested More
Lobster brunch..what a surprise to find a 5 star hotel serving a seafood lunch in a room that was so hot no one could enjoy it as we should have been able to. As it was our first time here there was no explanation regarding that you could order some ala carte options.. service was a but hit and miss. All the seafood was on ice but the desserts are left in this rather warm room, was assured by staff they are aware of this issue. Food in the bae Marie was not very inspiring. Won’t do this again certainly many more better options to choose from. More