Little Lab

Little Lab, a cocktail bar in Central, is situated in the hub of fascinating nightlife. The bartenders mix various cocktails with creativity. Each drink is unique and represents a taste of Hong Kong Read More

48 Staunton Street
+852 2858 8580

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Recent Reviews
A friend recommended this place for a drink on a Thursday night, because they are known to have very nice yet interesting flavours. I found it a little difficult to locate the bar because it was quite far from the central escalators. But once you step off Staunton street and walk all the way forward, it's not that hard to find afterall. The decor of the bar is very chill and spacious. Although it was quite full that evening, it didn't feel like it at all. I tried the espresso vodka cocktail and couldn't help but ordered a second round! It was very smooth and refreshing. What surprised me the most, however, was the bathroom. It was unbelievably clean considering it's location and time of the night. We spent around three hours catching up with each other, and none of the staff ushered us out. Read more
A really great bar, friendly staff and good atmosphere. We were lucky to get a table for four on a pretty busy evening and straight away we were shown the menu and the waiter took our order. One of our friends had a cold and they made her a cocktail of warm coca cola, whisky and some aromatics. She was doubtful but said it was great and promptly ordered another! It was also happy hour time so that was a bonus. Would definitely visit again when next in Hong Kong.Read more
A great bar on Staunton street...serving amazing cocktails that are carefully made in front of you. It may take a little while to get your drinks as each drink is carefully crafted but it's worth it in the end. Perfect place for pre dinner cocktails Read more
Located on the Staunton street in Central Hong Kong, this bar is convenient to drop by and probably one of the most-talking-about cocktail bars in town because of the unique drink menu, some crafted cocktails, friendly bartenders and delicious snacks. Check it out!Read more
So many bars in HK, but this one has a great range of special cocktails, which I have never seen anywhere else. My favourites: the Beauty in the East (vodka with infusion of Oolong tea) and Jasmine Blossom (gin with infusion of jasmine tea).Read more

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