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London Nightlife

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Every year there are more than ten thousand people travelling to London. They want to see all the monuments and the popular London nightlife. With a London Nightlife Ticket, you can choose between 19 nightclubs. Visit the participating nightclubs as many times as you’d like for 2 or 7 days. See ... More

J03 Gaunt Street, SE1 6DP
+31 6465 90417
London Nightlife

Redeemable at:

  • Ministry of Sound


Recent Reviews
Went for New Year's Eve. Overpriced for the entertainment provided. Same repetitive music and rhythm. Feels like they organised the cheapest night selling it at highest price.More
Some good, some bad. Very over-priced when you compare it to other similar-sized clubs. Staff friendliness is hit and miss. I’m sure someone spiked my drink and the bouncer was great and said he’d get me another drink. He then abandoned me at the bar and when I told the bar staff they said the bouncer didn’t have the authority to say I could have another drink and refused to let me have one. That was weird and disappointing. Security on the entrance who did bag check were hostile to say the least. I felt like a criminal. Not a nice welcome. Disappointed there wasn’t a quieter chill-out area to rest your weary feet. Room upstairs was rammed and perhaps as it is so popular they should move this to another larger area. Toilets are clean and overall the music in the various rooms is pretty good. At the price I paid, I wouldn’t go back.More
Unacceptable behaviour of security. It was my miss birthday party we were trying get in when one of them idiots told me that he dont like my face and I'm not going in. I was sober didnt cause any trouble. Paid for ticket and didnt get refund. This crew is a joke!More
Not been to Ministry of sound for about 15 years, Back then I said I'd never go back there again, due to being a complete sweat box... Frantic 25th birthday announced they were holding it at Ministry, I thought I'd go, thinking they must have sorted out Aircon in the last 15 years.. How wrong I was, really uncomfortable club.. Don't get me wrong Doormen and staff totally spot on but the place itself is so uncomfortably hot it's unreal..More
Awful club they kicked me and my friend out just so they could let more ppl in and charge them as well as us and drinks were a ripoffMore