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Lord of the Wings

Lord of the Wings serves the best hormone-free chicken with over 20 special sauces that are made fresh daily. They have mastered a selection of traditional, grilled, boneless and breaded chicken wings. Their menu includes appetisers like nachos, quesadillas, poutine, mozzarella sticks and American Read More

King Abdul Aziz Road
Al Ghadeer
+966 11 216 8361
[email protected]

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Riyadh 2019

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Recent Reviews
This restaurant is a disgrace to name "restaurant" if you don't value your life go to this place, as at the end of this meal it would feel that you have eaten a piece of led, and it is making its way through your body. the place is called "lord of wings" while there wings were inedible and dripping with oil, when staff were asked why it was that way, they noted that they already know the problem but can't change it and still serve it as is. over all, don't recommend!!!!Read more
the service was good and the food was great the chicken wings are hormone free chicken the quesadillas were great, the T Bone steak loved it and we shared Beef short Ribs the Ribs to die for!!Read more
The grilled chicken wings stinks, there was a bad taste in the chicken! also the beef burger there was a bad flavour in the beef it self, when I told the manager about the bad chicken he didn't have the courtesy to struck the wings out of the check, instead he suggested to take it away and I will never give this crap to human being and he made me pay for it !!! First and definitely last time in this restaurant أجنحة الدجاج المشوية زفرة بشكل لا يطاق (نوعية الدجاج أو طريقة طبخه سيئة) ، برغر اللحم أيضا زفر بدرجة متفاوتة، برغر الجواكامولي لا يطاق لم أستطع اكماله بسبب زفورة اللحم! البطاطس عادية، المنجر لم يتحل باللياقة لشطب أجنة الدجاج الزفرة من المنيو ودفعت 40 ريال مقابل لها ولم آكل منها شيء بل اقترح المنجر أن آخذها للمنزل وأنا يستحيل أن أعطي هذه الأجنحة ذات الطعم الزفر لإنسان!!! أول وآخر زيارة للمطعم بلا شكRead more
This was the first of 2 unsuccessful attempts to use Hellofood, an online ordering site. The ordering process was smooth and fast, and I waited for the delivery which was promised within 60 minutes. The order was subsequently confirmed by email. Over 2 hours later, nothing. The only way to contact Hellofood is via chat. When I eventually got though they asked me to wait 5-10 minutes while they contact the restaurant (if they had published the number I could have saved that by calling myself). 20 minutes later still nothing. The Hellofood person said the restaurant was not answering. After nearly 3 hours waiting I cancelled the order, after which I got an email saying the restaurant had cancelled (presumably to avoid looking bad on the statistics). I tried to post a bad review on the Hellofood website but it does not allow you to do this if you have not had food (which was my entire complaint). The restaurant never provided any explanation and continues to operate on the Hellofood site.Read more
We were a group of friends who went there for dinner. Overall, their wings are very good and we enjoyed the meal very much. The ambiance is very nice and laid back, and the restaurant is very clean. The menu is varied and the prices are moderate. The one drawback would the service is kinda slow in term of serving the food, but other than that I think it is a place to try if you love wings.Read more