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Lucha Libre

  • Mexican

Taking inspiration from the restaurants and streets of Guadalajara, Lucha Libre is inventive and exciting with a contemporary twist. No donkeys, sombreros or deep-fried Tex-Mex dishes, just food cooked with lots of love, full with flavour, with great drinks & music to match ... More

96 Wood Sttreet, L1 4DQ
+44 151 329 0200
Lucha Libre

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  • Liverpool



Recent Reviews
I have ways enjoyed visiting here. It’s been 18 months since my last visit. My food was delivered 10 mins before my friends. No cutlery or napkins were on the table. The food was just about average and expensive for the quality. Most waiting staff were good but one girl acted as though we were an irritation with anything we asked. I asked for salt and she said there is salt already on there. We waited a while to be able to pay for our food and again we were treated like an irritation. The smell of the toilets was not great at all. They did have candles lit but it was stomach churning. A lovely place that has unfortunately gone downhill.More
Me and my mate went their for early evening dinner which is excellent. The gentleman was nice and friendly being polite and well mannered. The food was spot on and tasty in my life. The Mexican soda drink was fantastic in my life which is amazing drink ever. I be back againMore
Visited with my family, the staff were attentive and friendly with lots of knowledge about the menu. The veggie and vegan options were fresh and tasty and most of the veggie options could also be made vegan if asked. We will definitely be back! Best Mexican I’ve ever tried!More
Been coming here for about 5 years, maybe longer and never reviewed before but felt I had to after reading some of the recent ones! Better than the average Mexican and has a lot of choice, I always try and get something different whenever I visit. Serving staff are so helpful and introduced me to the amazing cauliflower tacos! Wouldn’t usually go for a vegan dish but these are amazing. They do a lunch deal for about a tenner which includes 3 tapas so a really good way to try some different bits without breaking the bank. Big portions so I’d recommend getting stuff to share, we normally still end up taking stuff home with us though. They also have a quirky little bar downstairs that you can grab a drink in if you need to wait for a table.More
Menu looked good, husband and I ordered a few dishes to share. Used the ladies toilet just after ordering food. The smell of stale vomit in the cubicles was so bad I ended up wretching and vomiting, although I usually have quite a strong stomach for that type of smell coming from Newcastle - a hen party capital with quite fragrant toilets in many of our local establishments. Not wanting to judge on the toilets alone, I returned to my seat to await our delicious sounding food. The food arrived, but unfortunately we couldn’t find clean cutlery in the container provided on our table. Not to worry, I could scavenge the nearby tables. Not much luck though. I chose the cleanest and gave them a wipe on our napkins. Not going too well so far, maybe the delicious food would make up for the earlier indiscretions. Sadly not, I found a hair in my chicken taco. Not easily put off, as you can tell by the fact I’m still optimistic at this point, I removed it and looked at the other tacos, but I found what looked like more hair. Now, this stuff could have been fibres from the mango chutney, I can’t be sure, but the original ‘hair’ was definitely a hair! I decided to send my food back at this point. My tacos were removed from the bill. My husband ate the rest. It was pretty bland. We definitely won’t be back and we won’t be recommending this place. We probably should have left at the toilet episode but I like to give a place a chance and not judge on first impressions. This was my experience and I suggest you judge for yourself. Everywhere deserves an ‘off night’. Again, I reiterate, the staff were very helpful.More