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Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya

Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya's prime location is completed by an unspoilt stretch of beautiful coastline and stands as the region’s only International 5-star hotel outside of central Pattaya. Get comfortable in spacious surroundings and enjoy spectacular Gulf of Thailand sunsets in all Read More

Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya
55 Moo 2 Na Jomtien Sattahip, Chonburi
+66 3307 8888

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Recent Reviews
A few days before my children came to visit me, I went to the hotel, asked, if we had (expensive) lunch by the pool, we could enjoy an afternoon on their premises, use chairs and pool. They assured me that as long I ordered food and drinks, we were mostly welcome. On the afternoon we decided to go, all not went as expected. We were bothered 3 times, a very agressive way, although have ordered already the food, about sitting around the pool, almost insult me, in front of my family. Now I not look like a beggar, I am a known wine taster, and delivered to the highest standard restaurants and hotels. NEVER been I received this way. Ordering for a few thousand baht for drink and food worth, in a almost deserted pool area and restaurant. If I spend money in a hotel, I am technically a hotel guest. We not walked in from the beach area, but reception. In fact they let me loose face in front of my children, 23 an 17 years old and of my fiancee. My fiancee, Asian but not Thai, being barked at, when she asked if she could use a towel. So maybe if you book a room, the treat you with more courtesy. But we packed our things, and spend a wonderful time at the hotel next door. We live in the area. Go often to eat specials in hotels and restaurants, where they appreciate our visits. Well not here. So not ever set a foot there, as neither any other movenpick hotel, although we were hotel guests from the group before. Read more
Currently on holiday at this hotel in pattaya and with a week left I can say the hotel and the staff are very welcoming and lovely. The rooms are a good size and cleaned daily. The beds are very comfortable but the pillows on the double bed are enormous and I found them difficult to sleep with so I stole one of the childrens pillows. Looking out from the 22nd floor balcony is spectacular and the sunsets are breathtaking. We arrived on Valentine's day and there were red carnations and wine placed in the room by the hotel and Valentine's dining on the beach The hotel pool is clean and great for kids small and large with free towel service and flotation devices. However a 10 metre stroll past the pool and there is a golden beach obsured by palm trees with free four poster beds and sun loungers for the guests. The beach is secure and clean also the sea is "fenced off" so no youngsters get pulled out by the current when using the Free kayak and surf boarding available. Normally when we go abroad we choose a 5 star hotel and go all inclusive as we have done in Kos, Crete, Lanzarote, Corsica, France and others. This is due to laziness. We explore the country and when we get back tired and exhausted cooking a meal is the last thing I want to do. That decision was based on other self catering Villa holidays we have done. However, we you have unlimited access to food abd drink, we tended to get bogged down in the luxury and convenience and never leave the hotel grounds so for the first time we went half board. We ate at the Twist lounge first, I was a little disappointed that we were issued a different menu to everyone else at the hotel which was very limited in choice and very repetitive. So my advice is go All Inclusive or nothing at all as the food and drinks at he Movenpick are just as expensive as the UK. For example a coke and bottled water 200thb approx £4.92. We are now feed up with the 4 items on the half board menu which were 4 english dishes and 4 asian dishes that we choose to try the T55 lounge where yu can get a steak and seafood such as lobster or tiger prawns. We sat down, ordered our food 3 tiger prawns meals and 1 pasta with lobster from the main meals, no starters but 3 fizzy drinks and a local chang beer plus 2 deserts. The food arrived and it looked and smelt of a 5 star level as I had hoped 6 grilled tiger prawns to a meal and a small amount of cubed lobster in the pasta meal. But then as we tucked into the meal the staff came running over to the table waving a menu and said because we are half board could not choose from this menu ONLY the menu at the twist lounge which was the same boring food as before. I have to say I was pretty damn insulted and even more so when they said they should have asked us if we were half board as they would have moved us to the Twist lounge. I was prepared to pay anyway just to get a decent meal for my family but we had been labelled second class by the half board label. It's amazing that you show loyalty to the hotel by paying for you meals up front in the holiday package price but still get treated like a charity case when you expect to get what you paid for. I could go on but I'm not sure who is a fault here, me for expecting a 5 star service at a 5 star hotel, the holiday company for not letting me know what half board means and how itwould single out me family from the other more worthy guests or the hotel for not offering the experience I had received at similar 5 star locations. I'm a working class family man looking to give my family a luxury holiday which cost almost £6000 as a treat and experience, I'm not a rich privileged snob. I just want the same treatment as the other Russian, Chinese, German and Swedish guests received. We have taken to buying food and meals from outside the hotel as we are sick of the same menu every god damn day of which my kids dislike and I am feed up with. But there is no alternative menu offered to the half board types. Other than that experience believe it or not the staff are friend courteous and the location is good. It's just the policies of ghe hotel that ruined he holiday for us. The 4 meals, 4 drinks and 2 deserts by the way cost 4400thb Since posting this comments above the Assistant Director of Food and Beverages has had a chat about my review in person, he is a genuinely nice guy interested in the best for his guests and hotels image and he has stated that they will look at a more varied food option for everyone. I would just like to say thank you to him for listen and taking on board my comments. Just to recap this was a comment on the policies of the travel company or Movenpick or my ignorance of half board culture not the amazing staff at the Movenpick. We are genuinely looking to rebook again in August 2020 it is a fantastic country and the people are amazing and the staff are a credit to the Movenpick chainRead more
Since still scense to Valentine's Day we got very good luck having nice room upgrade to corner Executive Suite and aniversary cake with nice bouquet set up. Very specious nice view and high cleanliness room with fully amenities set up. outstanding staff and always offering help. Breakfast is variety and good taste. Location is superb quiet beachfront. So happy!Read more
We again attended one of the promotional wine tastings. Really full house but not a real feast. 2 hours, a Sparkling. a white and a red wine. A limited number of tappas, not bad in quality but exactly the same as 4 weeks ago. Friendly staff, unable to refill the limited choice on the small buffet of bites on time. Offering towards the en d chicken nuggets is not a sign of a great kitchen. Over all a lost chance to promote the place, specially at this price. What a petty. Read more
Arrived to the hotel at 9am after flying through the night and requesting an early check in before arrival. Was told a room would not be available until 2pm. I asked if someone would come and let me know when it was available (was told it might be sooner) and I would wait by the pool. No one came and the look on the face of reception when I turned up at 2pm told me they had forgotten. Anyway after not a great start, my room was nice, good size, lovely view, balcony and very comfortable bed. Pool was great, did not get a chance to see the beach but the staff at the pool area/bar were nice. Breakfast was interesting on morning one, asked for an omelet from the egg station but got what looked like a dropped scrambled egg!! Morning two had someone who could cook an omelette and was very proud of his skill!! Read more