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Max's Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

Max’s Restaurant, established in the Philippines in 1945, is a household name known for its home-style Filipino food, delicious fried chicken and an ambience that is like a home away from home. With over 170 restaurants in the Philippines, North America and the Middle East, thousands of customers Read More

Corniche Apartments
Khalifa Street
+971 2 627 8352

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Recent Reviews
Rate: 5/5 FOOD: 5/5 The food is really good, very authentic, rich in Flavor and very appetizing. Sinaing Na Bangus Belly has a unique Flavour because of the spices, milk fish is well cooked. Ilocos Dinengdeng I've tried this when I visited Ilocos few years back and I can say the taste is just the same, this one is more special because of the friend Bangus belly. Bicol Express one of my favorite Filipino dish. I love the crisp of the beef and spicy Coconut milk with Shrimp paste it just perfect. Bacolod Chicken Inasal another favorite! The chicken is tender, juicy and well marinated. Plus it served with Java rice, calamansi, Atchara, soy sauce & vinegar with chili. Beef Hinalang it's my first time to try it. This soup is like Nilagang Baka but spicy version which is one of my dad's recipe. Kansi Ilonggo is like Sinigang and Bulalo. Beef soup has sour taste and the beef is very tender and tasty. Chicken Binakol this one is Similar to Tinapang Manok but sweeter because of the coconut water and natural flavor of ingredients is there. Overall im satisfied with taste very authentic and the serving is huge. Plating is appetizing. STAFF: 5/5 Very Welcoming, friendly and accommodating. i feel like i'm just in the Philippines because of Hospitality and kindness of the Staff. AMBIANCE: 4/5 it's neat, very spacious and family friendly. there's a Hall for Parties/Events and that night is a bit noisy because of the event. Highly Recommended to try the Tour of the Philippines Menu. Follow us on Instagram: @EmSerrano_Vlog @MaxsRestaurantuae Location: Corniche Apartments, Khalifa Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi  Contact: 02 6278352Read more
We went to the restaurant for having friends dinner birthday party.We enjoy the food & its delicious.We appreciate the kinds and friendly staff who accommodate us well.Good ambiance and service of the staff.What we enjoy the most is the free halo halo for 8 person.Since the have the promo.Thank you and we will come back again.Read more
We went to eat for dinner today, we order cure cure and pansit, they are saying that the portions size is good enough for 2-3 person, The cure cure was mostly bone and vegetable for garnish only, very small quantity of beef, and it was the cheapest part, for the Pandit it was the same storie, almost no noodles, only vegetables garnish, No taste at all, If you want to enjoy Filipino food DONT go there...Read more
Found this place by searching Google, not easy to find as it is on 1st floor of accommodation tower, however this is a popular place especially with local people. Food was good, but as a single person I found the better meal deals were focused on couples or 4 people sadly. Staff were helpful and polite.Read more
Came here because I missed Filipino food, and it did not disappoint at all. The prices were surprisingly reasonable and the service was great. The only downside was that our server was particularly forceful in a passive way to write a review for him in TripAdvisor and Zomato. I clearly stated I will write the review when I get home, but he made it a point that his shift was ending soon and ask me to write the review at that moment. Before all of that he was very attentive and friendly, but his forceful nature for us to write him a review kind of ruined it at the end. Other than that encounter everything else was great and satisfying.Read more