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Max's Restaurant - Dubai

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Max’s Restaurant, established in the Philippines in 1945, is a household name known for its home-style Filipino food, delicious fried chicken and an ambience that is like a home away from home. With over 170 restaurants in the Philippines, North America and the Middle East, thousands of customers ... More

Spinney's Building
Al Karama
+971 4 351 1269
Max's Restaurant - Dubai

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Recent Reviews
We all know KFC, Texas Chicken, Southern Fired chicken and a few others, my wife is from the Philippines and where she suggested we try this place, I was all for it mind you with some skepticism. I had the Mushroom soup while we ordered the chicken as well to share. On first bite.... AMAZING! The skin was super crispy and the meat juicy and delicious. Almost like a Chicken Lechon. I’d recommend this place any time. The staff were friendly and professional too! All in All Thumbs up for this place.More
First, All staff are approachable, smiling and kind Second, Food was amazing I really love the Pansit and appetizer platter, Consistency of quality in food and timw is always there - Kudos! Highly recommended!More
My experience before this one at Max’s did not go well. It was at their Al Rigga branch where I was served what I then described as, “the worst fried chicken I have had in my life”. I vowed never to go back. Yet here I am writing another review about Max’s, this time about their similarly well appointed Mankhool branch (besides Spinney’s). And you know what? I realise now that the “scrawny, dried out half chicken” I had then was not nearly representative of what this idolised Filipino franchise is all about. Believe me, there’s a lot more to it than fried chicken. My faithful food buddy Soheil and I found ourselves an isolated table in back, pulled out our Entertainer vouchers and went for a scroll down their menu. I just had to try their fried chicken again to see how off last time was. It wasn’t. Their fried chicken sucks. Basically, it’s over cooked. But Filipinos seem to like it that way so the best thing for gringos like me (and Soheil) is to focus on all the other yummies such as my favourite, Bulalô. We also ordered their delicious peanutty Kare Kare, and an equally good, tart and tangy Chicken and Beef Adobo (the combination of which I had never tried before). As a filler we ordered what is known as unlimited Garlic Rice which, in addition to tasting good, can (I presume) be re-ordered forever. I regret not ordering any Pancit (noodles) as I love both Pancit Bihon and Canton. We ended our meal with their scrumptious dessert platter which is really a taster platter of their desserts. Everything minus the chicken was really, really, really good. Throughout our meal we were looked after by a tag team, Meliza and Rene, who were nothing less than amazing. Meliza in particular was very friendly and hospitable and patient. She helped us order our meal and stopped us from over ordering – I hate wasting food. Both she and Rene would look in on us every couple of minutes, first probably to see how we were actually eating all that food but also to see if we needed anything. There are a lot of Filipino restaurants in Bur Dubai and I have been to a couple of them. I take back everything negative I said about Max’s, post my scrawny chicken experience. I now love this place. The food, ambiance and service are brilliant, and I think it’s well worth a detour – just stay away from their fried chicken. #1 Blogger on Zomato Dubai in 2018 and 2019 and counting… Xerxes physically dines at, or orders from, each and every venue he reviews. He pays in full for whatever he and his companions eat, drink, take away or occasionally throw at each other. Xerxes accepts no money, gifts, discounts or free meals in return for reviews or favouritism. What you have read was NOT influenced in any way by the venue.More
Was craving for filipino food and decided to go to max Karama. It was not my first time to dine at Max though. Max never failed to amaze me.... food was excellent and cost wise, very affordable. Staff was accommodating especially Kelvin. He makes us all smile. Will definitely come back to max... to max and to the max. :)More
Tried their Tour of the Philippines dishes from 7 towns of the Philippines for dinner. We had the following: Bacolod chicken inasal Beef hinalang of Davao Ilocos Dinengdeng Kansi ilonggo Bicol express Chicken binacol of Aklan Sinaing na bangus belly of Batangas Had a taste of every dish served to us and i can say its almost the same as the authentic one since i have tried most of these dishes. Since im from Aklan, the only difference in their Binakol was the way of cooking it, the authentic one was cooked using bamboo poles, however taste wise, it’s almost similar. Everything was good but the dish that stands out for me was the beef hinalang. It was bit spicy but flavorful. Their bicol express was also good, the coconut cream was too thick which is what i am preferred to have. The sinaing na bangus, it was good however i preferred it to be more sour, but the meat selection was really good, i enjoyed the belly. Bacolod chicken inasal and ilocos dinengdeng and kansi was also good. The staff here are so friendly and accomodating. Looking forward for more pinoy food launches. More