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Moksh Authentic Indian Cuisine

Moksh actually means freedom or liberation. It also means to attain the highest level of satisfaction. India is famous for its exotic cuisine prepared with artful and exquisite combinations of spices. At Moksh, the chef will provide guests with the authentic North Indian cuisine, famous for its Read More

2 Pastorie Avenue
+27 21 872 4548

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Cape Town 2020

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Recent Reviews
“Authentic“ is not the first attribute which comes to my mind when describing this place. We visit India regularly and don‘t know what exactly to expect when ordering a “mild”, “medium” or “hot” dish. We therefore ordered the dishes as they would be served in India. The result was much too mild in both cases, typically smoothed to accommodate eurpean tastes. The same goes for the interior. India has developed so much the last years - only Indian restaurants outside of India do still look like this. Fair price/quality ratio, nothing to complain about the service. Read more
Worcester has a lot to offer but when it comes to Indian cuisine Moksh surly takes the first price. The food is really tasty and very filling. They know how to present the food in a tasteful way. Read more
There was one waitress working all the tables. Waited 1 hr 15min before leaving. We were called back as the food was ready but waiting to be served to us. Kudos to the lone waitress keeping it together on a full night. The restaurant looks great. Cozy and warm vibes minus food. Read more
Great location of restaurant in Somerset West. Efficient staff. Food was great. Wide variety of Indian food to choose from. Also customers have a choice of mild medium or hot dishes. Read more
An authentic Indian cuisine experience. A good balance between spicy, but still really tasty. This was our second visit, and we will definitely return soon! Read more