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National Museum of Archaeology

The National Museum of Archaeology features a spectacular range of artefacts from the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Phoenician-Punic periods, including highlights such as the “Sleeping Lady”, the “Venus of Malta”, the “Cippus” and a human-shaped clay sarcophagus Read More

Auberge de Provence, Republic Street
+356 2122 1623
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
The entire museum is very well curated and has captured the pre-history of Maltese islands in a very informative manner. The ticket price includes an audio guide (you have to leave a refundable deposit but it is worth it). The audio guide commentary is well balanced. We ended up spending a lot of time on the ground floor of the museum seeing artefacts from 6000 years ago. The building itself was built and used by the Knights of St.John originating from Provence. I would recommend visiting this museum before you go to the Hypogeum & Tarxien temples as they complement each other. Many artefacts here were found at the Tarxien Temples and the Hypogeum, which really puts things into context. Allow a couple of hours for this visit.Read more
Many articles here were found at the Hypogeum or Tarxis Temples. A visit here first puts those items into context and accentuates the understanding of the other sites when there.Read more
Malta’s earliest history is collected here and laid out in a coherent collection, with plenty of context and clarification. Read more
After the let down at The Hypogeum I was very happily surprised about this wonderful museum in the center of Valletta. It is curated with love and the items shown are put into context through a very well done audio guide I would not recommend going without. I usually get sick of it after 10 minutes max but found myself captivated. The explanations were neither too simplistic or too technical. They flowed seamlessly and added anecdotes made for a well balanced presentation. The staff told me to ask if I had any questions and you could tell they were passionate about their work. The pieces themselves come from all over the island, some close to 6000 years old. And again want is valued here is not the amount but the significance. Do not miss, they deserve it!Read more
Our first museum visit in Malta. Well-presented information, if a little tired-looking. The Neolthic section, particularly the corpulent figures, was really fascinating. There was not a lot of info about why the Temple building culture suddenly disappeared - would like more on that. There are lots of signs in both English and Maltese, but still highly recommend the audio guide. Decent bathrooms.Read more