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Nature's Spa by Jurlique

Nature’s Spa by Jurlique offers personalised aroma, therapeutic and natural treatments for face and body. Treatments are boosted with plant and flower-based extracts and elixirs that are hand-harvested in certified biodynamic farms in South Australia. Jurlique is committed to using 95% natural ... More

501 Orchard Road, #04-02
Orchard Road
+65 6735 7177
Nature's Spa by Jurlique

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  • Wheelock Place

    Orchard Road


Recent Reviews
Beautifully soothing interiors, when you first step in. When you are guided to the seating area beyond the initial interiors showcasing different Jurlique products, it is comfortable and quiet and spacious. If you are new, you fill in a questionnaire. Then you are taken to a treatment room. The decor for the treatment room continues the soothing calming beauty of the seating room and the initial room showcasing products. Unfortunately, the room I was taken to had a constant muffled sound of thumping/creaking overhead, equivalent to 1 thump/creak every 30 seconds. The therapist asked if I wanted to change rooms and if so, she could check. I declined, because I was curious to see how good her skills were, and whether these sounds would be too intrusive. She claimed it was an air-conditioning issue. I believe it is due to people walking on the 5th floor in that area. You can take an escalator to the 5th floor, and look at what is situated above this spa. She is skilled. The 90-minute facial was very soothing. Unfortunately, she does not explain what products she uses or in what order, and I have to ask. Even then, information is not forthcoming, as if I were asking for state secrets. I got the name of 1 product. Your best guess is to look at the tray of products and guess which of the products she was using. Warm water was prepared for me in a cup as I requested, and I drank it in the seating area before proceeding back out to where the products were displayed. She recommends what products she thinks you should use. I am aware that Jurlique may be phasing out at least 1 product. I lived in South Australia for several years, which is where Jurlique hails from. And I am also not an amateur when it comes to spas. Jurlique's newest line of products ie Nutri-Define is also its most expensive. I was curious whether the moisturiser from this range can replace a certain moisturiser that may soon be gone. What leaves a sour taste in your mouth, to erase all goodwill cultivated during a facial here? The therapist points out that since I have spent almost 500 SGD for the facial and 1 product, if I top up to $800, I will save 20% on- This is where she speaks more quickly and does not clarify what she is mentioning. Then she mentions it again, and does not do a better job of pointing out how my topping up to $800 will save me money for anything spent up to $1000. If your business is confident that you are helping your client save money with certain methods, print it up and get your therapists to show the client on 1 glossy page your confidence in how such methods will save me money. Instead, you get a therapist who seems to hope you cannot do math, or I have to ask more details. Therapist, if you are offering a service, it is your responsibility to offer SUFFICIENT information for your service, because people tend to want to be properly and fairly informed. If you cannot be bothered to tell me what products you use for my facial, and then you want me to run after you for information on how you are saving me money if I spend more, when you are information-deficient and frankly, your attempt at "saving money" for the client sounds dodgy? The answer is No. There was a reason why I decided to try this Wheelock branch outlet instead of their Alocassia Apartment spa outlet which I went to last year, and I am sad to make the discovery that I do not wish to return to either of the outlets, since they can give me similar impressions. The impressions left by both branches do not spoil my impression of Jurlique products. If I need to, I will proceed to Takashimaya's department store at basement 1, where there is a Jurlique counter without hard-selling and more willingness to give information by the saleswomen.More
So like any facial salon, this place does hard-sell as well. After the facial, the therapist tried hard to sell product and I just wanted to leave ASAP. But they don't give up, they will try their best to sell you credits for their facials. A $80+ trial price facial still made me $200+ poorer.More
Great place for a relaxing massage. The masseur has good techniques and is very careful in making sure she uses the right pressure. It was good that I can sit in the small lounge to rest a while and have a drink before leaving. The masseur speaks english as well which is great as I went to another place and the China masseur asked me to speak to her in mandarin. That created communication problem!More
Very clean spa with beautiful interior architecture and warm tones. Nice aroma from the essential oils that lingers in the therapy rooms and the whole spa itself. The Spa Technicians and Receptionists were all so warm and unpretentious. My masseuse therapist, a Chinese Malaysian lady (I forgot her name) has the most amazing hands and I fell asleep while she massaged my knots away with long kneading strokes (Aromatherapy massage). The massage oil smells heavenly (I was given a choice of which oils I preferred prior to the session).The Sunlighten sauna was a nice first time try and experience though I couldn't stay more than 30 minutes in it. Highly recommended Spa!More
Even better than i thought! Never expect the session to be so great! Jill's massage skills is top notch! Felt so relaxed after the massage. Will return back again. Love Jurlique products. Thanks to entertainer app, we got 1for1 session. More