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Oasis Palm Tourism

Oasis Palm Tourism, well-renowned as one of the best desert safari companies in the UAE, welcomes you to be a part of a fascinating desert safari. They invite you to explore the desert with one of their tours. You can book your trip 24/7. They also offer dhow cruises in Dubai Marina, yacht charters ... More

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Oasis Palm Tourism

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Recent Reviews
We are still on this “river cruise” and just want to get off. The water was like warm and not sure if it was tap water so didn’t want to risk it. The endless supply of soft drinks was coke or sprite full fat, and you had to keep asking for it which made you feel as if you were asking for gold. Food was ok but not a lot on offer. At this point we were traveling at about 2mph as we had to wait for later arrivals and then didn’t really go very far before heading back. The show was a man dressed in a pillow but did improve when he came on with lights on he’s outfit to sum up save your moneyMore
We booked this on the internet. What a truly awful experience Food- just about average. Staff- not courteous or local. Boat- not a real Dhow boat that travels at about 2kmh Music- not traditional at all- all Indian. Entertainment- a man with a pillow case on his head. I can’t say any more than simply- Just avoid!!!!More
First, we sat in a stuffed SUV with 7 rather large passengers - spent more time trying to not be squished than enjoying the dunes. Second, the guy with the falcon - they BOTH looked bored. Third, after the ride they drop us at their ‘desert oasis’ - the camel ride lasts 2 MINUTES and you go in a circle small enough to go around 3-4 cars. Fourth, the price included dinner - they brought me a plate of food, everything had peppers, I’m allergic to peppers, I told them I’m allergic and asked for the grilled corn, they refused to give me an ear of corn. Really! Five, I paid alot for this excursion and now not getting any dinner, I didn’t see our driver so I ask them to get the driver assigned to us. Driver never came. When the event was over, I asked the driver if they came to get him and he said no. The staff all work for the same company and it would have been EASY for them to get the driver who could’ve helped with language translation. Some friends used a different tour and had a wonderful time for the same price.More
We booked this trip via the rep in our hotel. We had checked it out on line prior to travelling to Dubai and the company were offering big discounts. When checking with the rep, the prices were not discounted. However after a call to the office, the rep was alllowed to apply the discount .Thank goodness, I would not have been happy paying the full price. We were advised our pickup time would be between 19:00 and 19:30. It was after 19:30 when we were picked up. We had to pick up more people at another hotel and it took about 30 mins to get there. These people had also been told they would be picked up between 19:00 and 19:30. It was after 20:00 until they were picked up. The cruise was due to commence at 20:30 and we arrived at 20:30. The cruise itself was nothing to write home about. Sailed one way for an hour then back for an hour. The food was OK considering the number of people they were catering for. The buffet was organised very well however with the manager calling tables up individually. I would not recommend this trip.More
We had a really bad experience with Oasis Palm Tourism desert safari on 26th December 2019 and as such, do not recommend them. Despite confirming the pick up time and location twice on the day, they arrived over two hours late for pick up and we only reached the desert after dark. This meant no 4x4 dune bashing, quad biking, sand surfing or camel rides - the fundamental elements of the desert tour! We only had the traditional meal, which was hastily shoved in front of us as we were almost too late for this as well. To top it all, the driver/host was rude, unfriendly and unapologetic about being late and missing the main part of the safari. Despite requesting a refund from Oasis, I have yet to hear from them. A thoroughly disappointing and unpleasant experience and I suggest avoiding using them.More