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Olives is an upscale restaurant, offering diverse choices of International cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sit al fresco on the terrace adjoining the swimming pool for spectacular outdoor dining ... More

Ground Level
Old Airport Road
+974 4407 3333

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Qatar 2020

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  • Concorde Hotel Doha

    Old Airport Road


Recent Reviews
Made a reservation, they didn’t have it. Poor customer service. Overall dining room old, dated, unclean, with multiple stains on the couches & chairs. If we wanted a drink, were asked, do you work for Qatar airways? If you wanted pasta made, do you work for Qatar airways? If you had fish prepared, do you work for Qatar airways? Finally asked, what’s with Qatar airways. Apparently they pay a cheaper price, but can’t have any beverages, pasta, fresh fish. Hmm Don’t ask the chef any questions, rude, disinterested and definitely not helpful. We have gone to multiple hotel buffets throughout Doha, and this one is by far the worst. Over priced, over cooked fish, minimal selections. Only positive was using an Entertainer coupon because paying for 2 would have been painful. 5 star hotel??? Try 1 Star.More
Went in for Friday night International Buffet. Food was not at all up to acceptable standards. Spread was just 8 mains with white rice! Desserts were the same. Taste was - Tasteless! It was not at all crowded but yet, we got not much of service either. I doubt we will visit ever again. More
I took 3 friends for diner to the Olive buffet but was left embarrassed by the ambiance, service, quality and cost.The restaurant was full of kids, riding scooters, playing with the buffet food, screaming and shouting etc. Whilst I understand the parents are at fault here the hotel does have a responsibility to manage its customers so as not to impact the other guests. The food was very average given the cost of Qr 149 per head - certainly there are better cheaper venues even within a 5 min walk of the hotel. I did complain at the time but was met with zero response and then I emailed the day after but again did not even get an acknowledgement? I gave the hotel a chance to respond before I gave a negative review on here. In the interest of balance I have had an Iftar buffet here in the past and it was great so maybe I was unlucky with the staff / guests / food etc when I last visited. That said I wont be going back to test it again.More
Dodgy employees who break the most basic credit card security rules - BE WARNED Went for dinner at the Olives on the ground floor of the Concorde, in Doha. After my meal, I paid with credit card, authorisation went through, employee hands me the receipt from the credit card machine and, just as I was expecting him to hand over the credit card back to me, instead he takes it from the machine and starts to write it down on a piece of paper. As a manager who works and has worked for several companies where writing a credit card number down is a DISCIPLINARY OFFENCE with dismissal being the usual outcome for anyone caught writing a customer's credit card number down, I was in disbelief. I told the hotel employee to stop writing the number down, but he said that he needed it for "accounting". This is utterly ridiculous. Under no circumstances should a credit card number ever written down, much less on a piece of paper where any employees at the hotel as well as any patrons of the restaurant that just happen to walk past - that's how visible the number was on this piece of paper - and given that the payment was already done, including a receipt for payment taken in my possession and copy for the hotel/restaurant, this just beggars belief. I explained that there was a reason why only the last 4 digits of a credit card number were seen on the receipt, for example -exactly because the full card number is a security risk. I asked several times for the employee to destroy the piece of paper, that what he was doing breaks every security rule when it comes to credit cards handling, but he just kept saying he needed it for accounting purposes. At this point I was really getting furious and told him that I wasn't going to leave until he destroyed the written down number and if need be, I would call the police. Only then did the employee finally accede. I left absolutely furious, with my evening spoiled for no good reason, and still wondering why in the world are employees to what is supposed to be a 5 star hotel in the middle of one of the richest capital cities in the world writing customers' credit card numbers on a piece of paper after taking full payment for a service including 2 copies of receipt of the payment. Mind boggling, but be warned - if you go here, either for accomodation or for a meal, that the staff at the hotel takes your credit card information so seriously that they write it down on a piece of paper visible to everyone and their uncle. Shameful.More
i tried the see food night on thursday it was nice all kind of fish lopster ,shrimp, crabs including soft drink,hot drink and water and helpfull staffMore