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Oriole Coffee + Bar at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard

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Built on three pillars - coffee, food and community, the heart of a perfect Oriole experience boils down to the dedication of the roasters and baristas. Customers can relish in the culinary artistry of the chefs and baristas at the café, featuring global fare matched with gourmet coffee, making it ... More

96 Somerset Road, #01-01
Orchard Road
+65 6238 8348
Oriole Coffee + Bar at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard

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Recent Reviews
I reserved a table here for Saturday 1 pm, online (Chope) and usually, they would hold the table for 15mins but we were running late and I called them several times to let them know but no one answered the phone. Finally, when we arrived they told us we were too late, we let them know that we tried to call them and then they had only 1 available table at their outdoor seating area and gave that to us (it was very hot outside) but we took it anyway. They charge 50cents for water. The food is average, we ordered the Haute chocolate, coffee taster trio, waffles & chicken (came with coleslaw & maple syrup), chilli crab dip & waffle fries (this is a must-try, it was really good), seafood capellini & bacon truffle mac & cheese. The waffle chicken was very crispy but lacked flavour and the portion was a bit big (for me). The coffee taster trio was ok. Overall I would not come back here, I have nothing to recommend and nothing to remember about this place (except the 50 cents we paid for water)LOL!More
The service was extremely bad, they didn’t bring all our dishes at the same time, so every person at our table ate cold. My friend ordered hazelnut coffee and it had no taste AT ALL as an extra flavor. And when we asked about the coffee flavor they ignored us and were very sure it has hazelnut.. Our husbands ordered the Negroni with shot of coffee and no one tasted the coffee at all... the waitress said that the coffee isn’t a shot but an infusion (different of what the menus said) I ordered macaroni and cheese with truffle and no truffle flavor at all... After taking over 25 minutes to bring the 4th dish, they forgot to bring the cutlery despite we asked them 2 times for.. The service was extra slow and the food sucks... Don’t waste your time here if you enjoy good food and good service... More
Pretty good quality food. House blend coffee was superb. Could appreciate bigger portions or lower prices. More
We had a lovely brunch with our baby in a high chair. Staff were so nice and friendly, especially Marje, we had a lovely time! Food & coffee was delicious, the Caesar Salad was fantastic!More
The coffee and pancakes were good. We ordered scrambled eggs (2 eggs). The portion definitely did not look like a 2 egg portion. Was really small and it didn’t taste like scrambled eggs. Just regular fried egg that was mixed a bit. No dairy added or seasoning. We ordered the avocado toast as well. My mum doesn’t eat eggs so we asked if they could replace it with either tomato, mushroom or potatoes (which were veg options from another brunch option). The staff said those options were more expensive than eggs so it could not be done. So they could only add more salad leaves. Okay that’s fine as well. But again there was not much added. The truffles fries were not bad. But the truffle taste wasn’t as pronounced. I guess I would come again just for the coffee. More