Owl's Choux

Looking to up your ice cream game? Owl Choux is a little gelateria in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, that serves ice cream with a twist! For a sweet treat that’ll hit the spot, not just in your belly but also on your Instagram feed, try their gelato in choux pastry (the same delicious stuff that Read More

G/F, 32 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Ice Cream
+852 2889 8227

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Hong Kong 2017

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Recent Reviews
Discovered this from the Michelin guide street food category. What a treat! They offer a choux craquelin with filling of your choice. They also offer gelato and you can top it with a choux as well. Or if you're mad insane into choux, they also do a mega size one stuffed with gelato. C'est fantastique! Super easy to find. Just on the corner outside K11 shopping mall.Read more
I have heard of this name long time ago and I have finally got the time to try it out. It's on Mody Road, literally at the corner opposite to K11. The shop is quite cozy but they do have like 4 seats for customers to dine it. Without a doubt, the small shop specialises in choux, choux sandwiches, and we have also found that they are currently having promotions offering an original crispy choux cream for just $18!!!! I have chosen a slightly upgraded salted caramel one for only $22!!! What a great deal when you don't wanna have their bigger Mega Gelato Choux. There is a display of their gelato with 8 different flavours, next to it, we can see a display of different choux, as well as the mini chouguettes that you can add on top of your gelato. We were told that almost everything including the flour are imported from France, therefore, they are not as sweet and texture is different from Hong Kong style pastry. Salted Caramel Choux $22 The perfectly round shaped choux is topped with some pearl sugar, which is a traditional French way to make their choux or chouquettes. It's extremely crispy and crumbly on the outside with just a light sweetness because pearl sugar is actually not very sweet. Once you bite into it, you can feel that the cream is super fresh and it is squeezed in from the bottom. It's almost dripping but it is actually not. It's just really really smooth, soft and somewhat light. There is a mix of fresh cream as well as some light salted caramel sauce, super indulging but finger licking delicious. It's not a heavy dessert and I think I can easily have a couple of these. p.s. you do have to be careful though and I highly recommend you to eat it with the paper bag cus the crumbs are going make it very messy 2 Scoops of handcrafted gelato $58 + a mini chouquette with salted caramel sauce $10 Among those 8 flavours I have picked 2 of the most uncommon flavours - Japanese condensed milk & caramel ginger bread The ginger bread gelato is on top which is surprisingly not sweet despite the fact that there is caramel in it! You can also find bits of ginger in the gelato, like literally! It really reminded me of Christmas again and I just do not want this to end. The condensed milk is a bit milkier with just the right amount of sweetness even though it is made of condensed milk. It is in pure white colour but it doesn't mean that it is tasteless. Instead, it has a subtle unique taste that is simply irresistible. Lastly, I almost forgot that the chouquette is caramel filled. The sweetness of the filling was probably the sweetest among all. The caramel filling is sticky and thick, there is just a drizzle of it but it's more than enough already. There are not many choux places in Hong Kong except that particular chain store in many MTR station. Which makes Owl's Choux easily the best choux shop in Hong Kong. Their choux is no doubt good and delicious however it's a little bit overpriced to me, thanks to the freaking high rent in Hong Kong!Read more
Since my last visit, this place has been recommended by Michelin and there are some new items. I had the new Choux creme which were crispy and light filled with creamy vanilla custard in the middle. I also had my favourite chougettes which are really delicious light puffs with crispy meringues bits stuck to it. Now, they have a savoury version called gougeres which are a must for me because I love cheese. Gougeres are baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese.Read more
Even before this place is recommended by Michelin, I had tried this before and found it just a joy to go. Now that it has been put into the Guide, the place is still able to keep its quality, which is bravo. Their Gelato is creamy, yet not too sweet. One scoop cost you $38, 2 for $68 and 3 for $88. Their home made puff made them unique and famous. So do go and try, you won't be disappointed.Read more
Stumble upon this place randomly,and I ve been very satisfied! The gelato was amazing, and the service excellent! The man who works there, who is probably the owner,is very very kind. You can see he loves his job :) I would definitely recommend it!!Read more