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Papa John's - Oman

Better ingredients, better pizza! After 30 years, it is still about making better quality pizza. Papa John’s has realised tremendous growth over the past 30 years but the success of the brand has always been rooted in the principles established in 1984 - using better ingredients to make a better Read More

CBD Ruwi next to Bank Muscat
+968 2482 6400

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Recent Reviews
My experience is related to two visits to the Qurum outlet in the Alasfoor Plaza location. On the plus side - The Pizzas are delicious. The crust and the base done the way I enjoy my pizza. The Garlic butter is a nice touch. On the down side: PJP seems to lack atmosphere, that kind of vibrancy that makes the place seem alive and wonderful to be there. Just one server on both occasions working his tail off. (Polite, friendly and helpful) Unfortunately due to being the only one serving the service was slower in comparison to Pizza Hut. Seating - avoid the seating at the far end against the wooden panelled walls. I got Mosquitto bit and worse still had to change our table to the front end against the glass walls due to the presence of an inquisitive fly. - This could be an aberration, so benefit of the doubt to PJP. The tables do not have Ketchup/Chili flakes. They come in sachets and you have to ask for them. Negative in my book, but benefit of the doubt to PJP. Crockery and Cutlery are stacked and placed on the table for someone to do the placement honors. - A training opportunity for PJP. Please note though, my feedback is relative to my experiences at Pizza Hut. However, since we enjoyed the pizzas tremendously, we will go back to Pappa Johns Pizza and knowing better now, will do what we can to enhance our end of the experience. Read more
Pap John's pizza are one of the best and has lots of fans but each time I visit any papa John's branch I get disappointed because of the atmosphere and service. Quality of clean, quality of waiters and there is no fun or coping up with similar business design and atmosphere. I believe local franchise is reason of losing the edge. I wish papa John all the best as its my favorite pizza dish Read more
Best fast food pizza in Oman, fresh or fresher ingredients than Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc. and less greasy. Their delivery time is also fasterRead more
Ofcourse we have tried pizzas from almost all different pizza joints and believe that there must be still some places left where we need to go but fact of the matter is that Papa Jones never disappoints; the taste is good; sizes are good, toppings' portions are good; their atmosphere is good and service is good too. We simply love to visit any of their branches here as they are all equally the same. A bit expensive compared to others but worth it.Read more
best pizza you can find it in papa johns, also best place to go with your family and friend, I prefer to takeout your food when you going to eat from thereRead more