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Plain Vanilla at Telok Ayer

Plain Vanilla is an independent bakery that was founded with the intent to be a reminder of the contentment and goodness of a good old-fashioned piece of cake. Their methods are traditional and their bakes, familiar and comforting. Housed within the IN GOOD COMPANY Concept Store at ION, Plain ... More

134 Telok Ayer Street
Telok Ayer
+65 8299 0674
Plain Vanilla at Telok Ayer

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Recent Reviews
I like the vibes this cafe gives out. Located along a stretch of street littered with food and beverage offerings, this cafe is strategically located such that it is hard to miss. The focus is on outdoor seatings, where you can people-watch, as the indoor tables number only three. Orders are placed and payment made at the counter, where pastries galore also greet you. Breakfast was the PBJ, a honey and sea salt almond butter and raspberry rose jam combination served on thinly sliced toast and the Banana Nutella Toast, which, as its name implies; is self-explanatory. From the counter, I could not resist a slice of the Banana Bread and two Cinnamon Sugar Muffin. They make great starters before the heavier dishes. The food was delicious, making me full enough to last way past lunchtime, and the service, non-intrusive; though it may be difficult to get the attention of the staff at times.More
Great place for brunches and coffee. Loved their iced latte in soy milk and salad. Value for money with great ambience. More
Nice cafe with great food and coffee. Reasonable price. Casual and relaxed vibe, bigger outdoor seating area than indoor, good place for lunch. Recommend!More
Waited 5 minutes just to takeaway 4 pre-made pastries when they were only serving me at that time. - Even the customer after me got his coffee made faster than packing the pastries. I even remembered the customer - ordered smoothie but was rejected because they didn't have smoothie anymore, thought of what to buy, eventually paid his coffee takeaway and the coffee was prepared on the spot. - After the customer left, a crowd came and I went to the cashier and asked why is it taking so long. The cashier (also the barista) half-heartedly apologise saying that the staff is new (and nobody helped her at all?) - A crowd came and ordered pastries and another staff took over their packing and it was ready in just a few minutes?! But mine took damn bloody unacceptably long? Suggestion to management: using a string to tie may seem unique and special but if it takes so long to pack it, do consider alternative methods Food: The lemon tart was decent but it seems like there was too much lemon cream compared to the tart - The ratio seems a bit off for me. The red velvet cupcake's cream seems disintegrated and not cohesive (see pic). Too sweet for my liking that even my dad, whose taste buds are spoilt - he can only taste when the food is of extreme e.g. too spicy or sweet, finds it sweet. The blueberry loaf is really good - the soft texture, not too sweet, a great combination. One of the best sponge cake I have eaten. But I would not go again with that poor service and fairly below average taste for the other pastries I have tried.More
There's little to fault abt the food - cakes and pastries are great. Coffee too is done well. Similar to some of the comments below and synonymous to their Yong Siak branch, service needs improvement. When we were done with our meal and wanted to order more takeaway, the waiting staff at the counter was rude and curt in her answers almost seemingly cant wait to go home despite it being 4 in the afternoon. No thanks / pleasantries as she rudely shoved the box at us. Its a shame really, especially for customers like us who supported them even during Circuit Breaker. Today is probably our last visit.More