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Pollen Terrace

Housed in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, Pollen Terrace offers modern bistro European cuisine with Mediterranean influences. The terrace blends exquisite dining in a breezy garden setting, boasting spectacular views of the Marina Bay skyline. All Pollen guests have complimentary access to Read More

2nd Level, Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-09
Marina Bay
+65 6604 9988
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
This isn't a fancy place but after perusing the Gardens it is a good place to take a break. The tables and chairs are fine, the service is somewhat perfunctory and the food is not gourmet, it is a reasonable setting given the number of people attending the Gardens. Just to be able to sit down is a pleasure. In our somewhat exhausted state we weren't too concerned about priceRead more
Couple date with my hubby on New Year's day, and we were requested to place a deposit for reservation. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the first level was near empty and we requested for level1 seats instead. Staffs were barely seen after passing us the menu and it took a while before we could finally place our order. The hightea set came with free flow of tea/coffee. Requesting for refill was equally challenging. And when the refill finally came, the waiter just left the empty pots and cup alone without even bothering to clear them. Our small table eventually ran out of space with 6 cups and 3 pots, and we had to explicitly tell him to clear the empty cups. Isn't this a basic thing? Food wise was okay, won't say it is the best hightea menu I've had but it was decent. The price of hightea included complementary visit to the Flower Dome so that made up for the unsatisfactory service. Read more
This is the worst restaurant experience ever in my life. My parents were visiting Singapore from US and my dad could have seriously injured himself in the restaurant as a lemon from a tree above fell hard on his table. First of all, there was no prior warning or notice given to us from the restaurant that we had to look out for things falling above our head. Anyway, the way the manager named Amin Adam handled the situation was even worse. His attitude was extremely ghastly and rude. He was rather raising his voice at us and wouldn't apologize by repeating himself that this was "NEUTRAL" which I didn't even get. Did he mean "NATURAL" by any chance? FYI, this restaurant is indoor. He even threatened me that he would sue me if I keep bringing this up. I will obviously never ever go back to the restaurant and will never ever recommend this place to anyone I know. Eventually my family left leaving without eating. It was my birthday when I visited and this whole incident and the employee had totally tainted my day.Read more
I expected better service after putting down SGD25 per head for reservation. That’s a whooping SGD 150 (for 6 pax) just to secure a table, hence I had expectations. Less than 5 mins after we sat down, the waitress came to the table for orders but we needed more time. She came back twice within the next 5 mins. When we have decided on 6 plates of Ribeye for our orders, we were told that there was only 1 plate of Ribeye available. Hence we decided on 1 plate of Ribeye and 5 plates of Striploin instead. We were then told that the Striploin were all sold out. Mind you - we ordered at 1pm on a Saturday lunch. And why did the waitress not inform us when we first sat down? Isn’t that the standard practice? What kind of restaurant is this when their ingredients run out on a Saturday at 1pm??? Something must be very wrong with your planning. The male manager is very incompetent, plainly lacking. I raised the issue that we put down SGD150 to reserve a table and travelled all the way here but to find that most of the mains are not available. Disappointing as I chose this restaurant to celebrate my mom’s birthday. He suggested for me to order a SGD180 steak (not in the menu) instead and he said that is the best he could do. Why would I want to pay such a high price for a steak at Pollen? You got to be kidding me. We ended up having other disappointing mains such as pork and salmon. All substandard and lacking. We managed to order the last portion of Ribeye (please see picture as attached). Or should I say - a BURNT portion of Ribeye came. We feedback to the manager, he took a look and sigh and said that he will investigate. He never came back. Looking at the BURNT ribeye, I’m secretly glad that we did not managed to order 6 plates of Ribeye because the Chef obviously takes no pride nor have passion in cooking the dish. They had the cheek to serve the SGD52 badly burnt steak. One word - Ridiculous. Anyway for the manager, he did not even make any attempts at service recovery. He knew that we were celebrating a birthday and could not even offer a complimentary slice of cake after such a bad experience at your restaurant and he definitely recognized it was poor service on his end. All in all, NEVER visiting the place again. Trust me, I really do not recommend this place.Read more
Two of us from the USA had dinner Friday, Jan 4, at 7pm. We had drinks and two courses preceded by several small appetizers and a soup. All of the food was quite good and service was very good. My companion had halibut and she commented that it was the most moist and tasty halibut she ever had. I had octopus as a main course after a very good scallop dish. My only complaint regarding the octopus was that neither the menu nor the waiter told me it was spicy. The only reason I did not give Pollen a fifth star is that the drinks were skimpy and dinner was pricey even for Singapore. We easily made the light show. Frequent CriticRead more