Pollen Terrace

Housed in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, Pollen Terrace offers modern bistro European cuisine with Mediterranean influences. The terrace blends exquisite dining in a breezy garden setting, boasting spectacular views of the Marina Bay skyline. All Pollen guests have complimentary access to Read More

2nd Level, Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay,18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-09
Marina Bay
+65 6604 9988

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Recent Reviews
음식은 명성에 비해 평범하지만 분위기가 좋습니다. 장소가 장소이니만큼 같은 퀄리티의 다른 식당과 비해 가성비가 좋지는 않아요. 특히 특별할 것 없는 음료들이 비싸게 느껴졌습니다. (+) You can enjoy tea/snack time in the flower dome of gardens by the bay. It's rare in SIngapore to stay 'cool' and 'kind of' alfresco space. (-) Food is ok but not incredible for the fame. I visited here more than 3 times, and the service is always below expectations. a bit pricy.Read more
This is a great location gone to waste because the staff couldn't care less about customers. They have a sign saying 'Please wait to be seated" so we waited several minutes to be given a table as the staff appeared to want to do everything else they could find before attending to customers they could see were waiting. Once seated service was very slow to the point of us starting to consider leaving again. A staff member eventually came over to take our order which they did and then we realised the couple who were already seated when we came in were still waiting to have their order taken! All we wanted was a good coffee before we continued our visit to the Flower Dome. While we were there some more people came and after waiting to be seated eventually came in and approached the staff explaining that they had been waiting to be seated but no one had attended to them. Our order of coffee (double shot) did arrive in time and was reasonable quality though small but once we paid and realised that once service charge and tax was added they were over $9 per cup of coffee - we certainly weren't paying extra to receive good service. While there a customer came out from the toilet to tell the staff one was blocked but no action was taken that we could see before we left and as it was self flushing one can only wonder how that ended up. Our recommendation - don't support this place as it doesn't deserve to exist. If you do go there be proactive and take a seat instead of waiting and call for prompt attention so that your time isn't wasted by people who don't care about you.Read more
Ok so I will start with 2 important facts: 1. The staff and chef changed this week as a result of complaints about previous employees. The new staff and chef are WONDERFUL. They are friendly and chatty. Very attentive and professional. 2. The website does not make it clear that Pollen is 2 restaurants. 1 upstairs that is more inside the flower dome and 1 downstairs that is a quiet restaurant. I booked from Australia thinking that we were eating upstairs amongst the flowers and was surprised to find ourselves eating downstairs amongst a small amount of greenery. I was disappointed about the downstairs view (of the bay rather than flowers) but quickly appreciated the quieter, more romantic ambiance. Now onto the review: We arrived early and the staff let us into the flower dome via a private entrance to look around for free. The flower dome is unexpectedly AMAZING. The staff even took our photographs in places that they recommended in the private area. The food was absolutely sublime. The taste was delicious and the presentation was exquisite. I am vegetarian and the restaurant’s vegetarian menu is vegan so they let me swap a dessert in the set menu for one that contained dairy ice cream. They also made me a special mocktail in consideration of some food allergies. The vegetables are all grown on-site in the gardens. The set menu includes bread, complimentary pre-dinner nibbles and after-dinner, hand-made chocolates. Our dinner experience for 2 people took about an hour and a half. We finished just in time to watch the light show in the supergrove, which is also fantastic. (Tip: take a selfie by laying your camera phone on the ground and lean over it to get the “trees” above you.) The restaurant offers a buggy service to drive you to the restaurant or back to the taxi rank if you like. We preferred to walk. We paid about $250 SGD but we do not drink alcohol. Overall, we had such a fantastic experience that I cannot understand why this restaurant is not Michelin rated. Perhaps 2018 will be their year!Read more
We visited Pollen while walking through the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. We had a late afternoon snack to take a break from the crowds in the dome itself. We had the warm olives and the dip selection both of which were amazing. I would have loved to ask for the Onion butter recipe. It was great. Thoroughly enjoyed our hot chocolates and coffees as well.Read more
Lunch got off to a rocky start when the restaurant said that our booking for Pollen Terrace was registered as Pollen. This was unfortunate since I had specifically called up the restaurant to confirm my reservation at Pollen Terrace, put down my credit card details and even specified that I was using the Entertainer app. As Pollen Terrace was full, I asked that we just be seated at Pollen and served Pollen Terrace menu. Since it was a "fine-dining restaurant" the GM had to speak to the chef, after which he said it was not possible and that we would need to wait for an hour for the next free table at Pollen Terrace. After my mother had complained, they decided to "make an exception" and served us. We ordered the steak, specifically the shoulder tender. There was nothing tender about it. The outside was blackened and dried, like it had been left on the grill for too long. My uncle had ordered a medium doneness but the steak came out well done. He said that this was overcooked but our server insisted that this was medium. By the way, how does a fly get into the Flower Dome? Saw one hanging around the cheeses and decided to give them a miss. To top off the experience, my uncle asked for ketchup for his eggplant fritters. He was told that the kitchen had ketchup but they did not serve it at the Pollen, and that the ketchup was only served at Pollen Terrace where they did casual dining. The arrogance of the chef and the restaurant is enough to give this a zero rating, especially if the quality of the meal does not match up with its pretentiousness. However I can see that the GM and the servers are trying their best to accommodate a diva chef that does not believe that the customer is always right, therefore I would give it a 2/5. To sum it all up, you can go to a much better dining establishment for what you are paying. The free entry to the Flower Dome is not worth the dining experience. Pay for the entry and save yourself the trouble of visiting Pollen.Read more

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