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Portofino Patisserie & Cafe

From the port of the dolphins in Italy, where the land embraces the beautiful beaches and where tourists go to escape the city life, Portofino Patisserie & Café blends that feeling of escape with rich cuisine welcoming our patrons to enjoy their time and indulge their tastes. Portofino Patisserie Read More

2nd Level, Restaurant Area, East Atrium
Sahara Centre
+971 50 829 6787
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Not impressed. Two tiny portions of soup, small Mediterranean veg salad, "savoury" crepe, mango juice and water for AED 160 (over USD 43)? That's expensive taking into consideration that Portofino is just a regular cafe in the shopping mall. I guess the management is trying to position their eatery as Italian-themed, but even simple attributes like olive oil and balsamic vinegar were not detected. The food was just alright, except for the crepe which was dry. To sum this up, Portofino is a very average eatery with expensive menu.Read more
Very quiet place with plenty of empty seats. Good value for money promotions. I ordered the pasta and was OK. The sweet is too sweet and just teast of Nutella. Service is very good. Not sure I would go back.Read more
You'll find this cafe at the newly constructed building of Sahara Center. I am a regular there (since it opened at Sahara, it is now at Dubai mall as well, which I find better than the Sahara one - service wise) and my impression of food, ambience and the horrible waiting staff hasn't changed even after a dozen visits (minimum). The amazing waffles and pancakes make me go back there everytime, though the savoury items on the menu are also very good, to say the least. Hats off to the chef! The different varieties of waffles and pancakes are a must have. Their version of traditional tea (Karak Chaey) isn't disappointing either. However, their waiters lack the zeal - the enthusiasm you would expect. I normally came across two waiters whenever I went there (which is normally breakfast or brunch), the female waiter is horrible to say the least. She gives you the rudest looks and even when you try to place your order with a smile, she gives an expression as if you are begging for the food for free. At my first visit, my friend's order came earlier and she had to wait for 15 minutes for my order to arrive so that we could start the meal. Same happened when I went with my daughter. They need to learn how to synchronize so that one person does not have to eat a cold meal. Also, for breakfast, they just assume you want white bread. They should explicitly ask you if you need whole grain one. The breakfast variety of food, however, is excellent. Whether you like eggs in the morning, or prefer pancakes, crepes or waffles - the food (and only the food!)will make you come back!Read more
We went to Prortfino Cafe, as we decided to try their deserts. I remember the opening time when I came, the whole place had a different concept, where they mainly served breakfasts and all day menu. Until this few months they have changed to be a desert cafe, where you can eat waffles , crepes, fruits ,etc. I liked the new change and it seems that it's much better than before. We had Protofino Waffle, it was very nice and sweet. Also not to forget that nice heated tea pot! It was a nice to have our tea hot all the time..Recommend for people who looks for a desert Cafe @ Sahara Center. Read more
The staff are really friendly that is why I was convinced to dine with my cousin. The place offers you a comfortable atmosphere even if you are just in the mall. The food was ok. The desserts we took is a bit too much.Read more