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Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Founded in 1997, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant was inspired by the tea culture. Their cuisine is unique, infusing tea in every dish to bring out the natural aroma and flavour of food. As a flavour enhancer, tea adds a subtle and refined taste. All the dishes are low in salt, fats and seasoning, Read More

The Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, No. 1, Jalan Maharajalela
Kuala Lumpur
+603 2272 3090
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
This is my favorite Purple Cane branch, their services and food are better than other Purple Cane branches. Friendly and tentative waiter and waitress.Read more
Went to eat dinner with family. The restaurant was a bit hidden from view. Unless the customers have been there before, many would miss the turning. The food was good, esp the salted egg bitter gourd, the fried mixed vegetables dish was salty, the tofu w minced meat was good. Great to wash down with hot Puer tea. Polite waiter.Read more
Without fail, I will definitely order purple cane signature homemade beancurd with oolong tea sauce. It’s a MUST order!!! Priced at RM26. Braised chicken with sweet chilli served with fried mantao are average. It’s fried chicken thigh and sweet chilli sauce are cooked and pour on the chicken. What I enjoy eating here at purple cane are, food are less oil, less fat and really feel not guilty eating any food here from soup, rice, mains to drinks. Dishes are cooked with tea. Tea has many health benefits and the tea taste are not overpowering at all Strongly recommend purple cane restaurant Read more
Been here few times with family ! A place with a lot of good memories ! Never thought healthy food can be so yummy and delicious, thats why we like to have our family gathering here with stress free ! We love tea from purple cane outlet , we love tea cuisine from their restaurant too. Just hope that they have more varieties in the future.Read more
There are many outlets and I have tasted the food in most of the outlets. The taste and quality is consistent. Staffs are polite and courteous. Service is prompt. Restaurant layout and ambience is nice and clean. The food is cooked and blended with chinese tea leafs, including the rice. It is less oily yet tasty.Read more