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RFK is an up-and-coming travel agency with a differentiated focus. We like to call ourselves leisure consultants instead of travel agents. Our company was built on the foundation of providing a differentiated service experience. We strive to go the extra mile and fulfil the needs of all our clients Read More

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Dubai 2019

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Desert Safari (2offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 280
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2020

Abu Dhabi City Tour (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 280
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2020
Recent Reviews
IF YOU ARE TRYING TO BOOK ANY KIND OF TOUR in UAE. PLEASE FORGET THIS COMPANY. If you are still unsure - read my long story below! I have always thought that this company name is (Arabian Adventures) I was referred to Arabian Adventures by a friend of mine. Pictures are for your references: Pic 1: The REAL Arabian Adventures website & phone number! I took their whatsapp number from the same website (i don’t know how they do it but if you look at the number is not the same one i contacted) may be this company hacked the real website to get more people using their service! Poor thing! Pic 2: When i try contacting them. Their response was this! THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING ARABIAN ADVENTURES Pic 3: Even their whatsapp name is Arabian Adventures Pic 4: And their receipt showing Arabian Adventure (missing a letter “S” instead of RFK HOLIDAYS Why i always thought that this is the real Arabian Adventures. Because I contacted them around May 2018. Their response to all my questions were fast (within minutes). I was talking to a guy name Muhammad. I booked 2 tours with them. The Abu Dhabi city tour & Desert Safari Tour for 12 people. For the Abu Dhabi tour it was alright. The tour guide named Azhar was informative and really nice. For the Desert Safari - we were given 2 land cruisers. I was in the car with the driver named Rana Ghaffar. 1. The tour was supposed to start at around 3pm - 3.30pm. But he picked us up at 4pm. With the reason the weather was too hot that day. (But when we arrived at the sand dunes place there are tons of people already at the scene) 2. After the sand dunes drive ended - I asked Rana Ghaffar if we are using the same carand can we leave some of our belongings in the car? He responded: yes, there will be no problem. So then, we left 1x Purple shirt 1x Hat 1x Blue travel pillow 1x A small black starbucks carrier bag to hold a PINK thermos (for my grandma’s hot water) So, we waited in the waiting area for about 20-30 minutes. When we go back inside the car. Everything we left was still there. Rana then took us to the camp site for dinner buffet. I personally asked him again. If we will be using the same car to go back later & can we leave some of our belongings in the car. Rana responded: Just leave it here, No Problem! And so we left everything i mentioned above in the car again. After he showed us the table - he then left. (We saw some of the driver was there helping their guests) When we finished with our dinner. Rana & the other driver picked us up very late. In fact, we are the last people at the camp. This is when we realized most of the things we left are gone. Only the blue travel pillow was there. The car was clean from the sand). He questioned us if we left it in the camp site. We said NO! Because i have got picture to proof (the last picture attachment is the one Rana (driver) took for us just right after we arrived at the camp site. So, he dropped us off at the hotel without even apologizing and being responsible at all. Feeling hopeless, i tried contacting Muhammad (the fast whatsapp responder) he then told me, someone will be in contact with me to follow up the situation. No one called and Muhammad stop answering my every questions! Even Rana (the driver) & Azhar (the tour guide from the first tour) stop responding! At this point, I have not realized they are actually RFK holidays, because none of the driver / tour guide answer my questions when they picked us up! I always asked are you from the Arabian Adventures? And no one responded! I even contacted the Real Arabian Adventures. And then they told me that I have not booked with them at all. Very disappointed in them and their service!Read more
The worst desert drive I’ve ever experienced in my 10 years life in Dubai. Jeevan ‭+971 52 8328261‬, is the one who took our booking. It was AED.125 for land cruiser pickup and drop. They picked us in a 2007 model 2.7ltr prado and when asked they said it is land cruiser prado and there is no difference. I’m 5.9 and it was terrible sitting at the back seat. Whenever i call jeevan he said they will change the vehicle and give us a land cruiser. Best part is the driver took us to a wrong camp and we got a vegetarian buffet there😬 PLEASE AVOID DOING ELDESERT SAFARI WITH THIS CHEATERS....Read more
That was a great trip overall and very good value for money. The driver was friendly, spoke English well, and definitely had lots of prior experience with dune bashing :). We had enough time to enjoy the fantastic landscape, take plenty of pictures, try sand-boarding (yep, that actually is much more fun than it sounds) and just contemplate the desert. Made a booking just a day in advance, the response time was very short, communication was professional. The only (minor) negative experience was that even though the site showed a price of 125, we were asked to pay 150 (because apparently you have to be a group of 4 at least to get the lower price). But we were notified in advance before confirming the trip. So that was OK. And it was more than worth it!Read more
Took my family here. Was great fun, camel riding, henna, falconry, sand boarding, desert life. RFK is best if you are looking real adventure with professional guide. Read more
We did a family morning safari and it was amazing. We had Khaled has our driver and he was perfect... thanks Khaled for you drive.... everything it was great.... they were punctual, friendly... the car was good. Highly recommended... definitely I will do more excursions with them.Read more