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Romulo Café London

Following its success in Manila, Romulo Café is now in London offering a taste of the Philippines in the heart of Kensington. Filipino food is a mesmerising combination of four culinary traditions—Spanish, American, Malay and Chinese. Now London can enjoy all the grace and verve of one of Manila Read More

343 Kensington High Street, W8 6NW
+44 20 3141 6390
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Nicely and lively made place! we enjoyed nice food and it was an un usual spot for us: we were very happy about the service too. we might visit soon again i hope.Read more
I invited my work colleague at the hotel to introduce all of them to filipino cuisine. I am very happy as all of them have enjoyed dining at the restaurant. From starter to the main course and to dessert. I loved the pork sisig, noddles, pandesal, crispy pata, garlic fried rice, halo halo and so may more. We will definitely come back again kudos!Read more
Booked a table so that some friends could try Filipino food. The restaurant and staff were pleasant, the cocktails were nice, but felt the food let us down. Perhaps to “modernise” Filipino food in a Western city, it lost its authentic taste. I couldn’t taste the vinegar & soy sauce in the Aubergine Adobo Style; it was more like a sweet sticky sauce. We ordered the Pansit Guisado, which at £13, I was expecting more chicken and prawns. There was only ONE prawn and very few thin strips of chicken - overpriced. Was greatly disappointed with the Sans Rival dessert. The menu describes it as filled with dulce de leche buttercream - tasted like caramel. And there were no layers of baked meringue. This isn’t Sans Rival, no nutty meringue layers and can hardly taste the cashews or butter. It was a great disappointment so won’t be going back.Read more
Great authentic Filipino food as usual and felt like we were travelling in time - beautiful 50’s, 60’s stylish decor. Lively company who all enjoyed the atmosphere, menu, exemplary customer service and friendly owners at hand for our every whim.Read more
I went with my fiancé on a Saturday night for a nice date night to explore a new cuisine. One waitress advised us on the menu and so we decided to go with a combination of “platitos”. Five to ten minutes later, we had 3 waiters bringing all the dishes that we ordered at once. Firstly, the table is not big enough to have all the dishes so the waiters were moving my plate around so they could fit everything in a weird way. Second, all dishes were hot, and we had to rush to eat them all so they would not get cold. While we were rushing through the food, different waiters would consistently come to us and ask if they could take any plates away. This made the experience extremely unpleasant. I felt like they wanted us to leave, the earlier the better. 30 minutes after our arrival, we were done and ready to pay. When I received the bill, it did not have the discount I told them 3 times I had. And they had to fix the bill. After that, I realised there was an item I did not recognized. It was an additional “optional” donation to charity. They did not even bother to mention it. Last but not least, I booked the table about 10 days in advance and when I arrived we had the smallest table in the most awkward and uncomfortable place in the restaurant. It was about 80% full but since I booked with so much time in advance, I was expecting a better table. Overall, I give 2 stars because the location is alright (under 10minutes walk from the closest station) and it was fun to try new food. BUT the service has a lot to learn. Pace the dishes properly, don’t make guests feel unwelcome or uncomfortable and be more organized in terms of who is responsible for what table. I had the feeling there were too many waiters waiting around so they would all come and check on us when they were bored. The Saturday date night turned out to be a 30 minutes quick meal being rushed by waiters to take part in some sort of food contest I was not aware of. I will not return.Read more