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Selesa - Bayswater

  • Malaysian

Selesa at Grand Plaza Hotel derives its name from the word comfort. It's a Malaysian restaurant offering fusion tastes from Malaysia with a multi-ethnic selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Located seven minutes away from both Queensway and Bayswater stations, it is designed to celebrate ... More

42 Princes Square, W2 4AD
+44 20 7985 8208
Selesa - Bayswater

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  • Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments



Recent Reviews
a friend invited us to this restaurant. it was quiet when we were there, on a sunday afternoon. we were the only customers. the menu is rather extensive with all main dishes priced at around £14. we ordered prawn noodles, nasi lemak, beef rendang, fried kuey teow, wat tan hor and chicken satay. all the dishes look good when served, but lack in taste in my view. the best dish for me is the satay sauce. the waitress looks uninterested but quick to attend when required. i don’t think i will return for the price i have to pay given that there is no wow factor in any of the dish we ordered. More
I stayed in the hotel which housed this restaurant so the food was in the tour's group package and not from my own choice. Since we had to fork out a separate money if we wanted to eat the roti canai/nasi lemak/nasi goreng or drink the teh tarik and all of the the signature dishes of the restaurant, i decided to just ate whatever the package served which I guess made us left out of what's best of this restaurant actually able to serve. The tour agency mentioned that the price of our breakfast set was 13 pound which is the cheapest set offered (we never see it in menu so we ended up not knowing what should be served to us). This cheapest set comprised of hot coffee or hot chocolate (you have to order both drinks from the cafe's crew but nobody, not even the tour agent told me that the hot coffee and chocolate was in the set so for the whole trip i ended just drink plain water i brought from my room), fruity juice, cereals and milk, breads, frozen chicken slices, unsliced fruits (banana, tangerine and pear), salad and caprese. During their generous days you will get croissant and raisin breads (which i like a lot). For lunch and dinner we were served with rice and accompanying dishes. The must served for lunches and dinners were omelette and sambal belacan (this is the only side dishes i can associate with Malaysia served in the restaurant during our trip). Other dishes are stir fried vegetables, fried spicy chicken/beef/fish/seafood. All was washed down with plain water. Well what can I say, the dishes served for group package is nothing to shout about and we just ate because we were starving for the shivering cold weather. Since I'm not a really "rice" person, most of the time i just ended up eating the accompanying dishes. We didnt really get appetizer after lunch or dinner but i remember we were served with fried banana and ice cream once which is the only good thing i remember about this restaurant. The restaurant's crews are friendly and quick and having Malaysians as their serving crews were very helpful. Tips: Do not eat on the upper level of the restaurant because you cant get your bread toasted as The Toaster is only available on the ground floor of the restaurant. Tips: The restaurant offered free wifi.More
Not really keen on the restaurant, i think the good responds here may generate by the owner/admin or the friends.More
I love going to SELESA, I always feel comfortable there either for a mug of teh tarik with some crackers (keropok udang) dipped in cili sauce. At times, I would go for their strawberry bubble tea. Especially during the recent long summer. It hit just the spot. The times I feel like having a heavy meal, I know i always have awesome options. For example, I love the fried chicken with sambal hijau. It goes well with their tofu with shredded chicken. If I am on the go, I normally order their nasi goreng with salted fish. And that side sambal belacan ... yummmm ... Price wise, it is not on the cheap side but it definitely not on the high side. But I believe the price set is appropriate to the portion I get. If I take out, the portion is enough for me to eat two times!More
With plenty of Malaysian restaurant around the area, Selesa Restaurant is joining a long list of options for Malaysians who want to satisfy their cravings. I was sceptical before because I did not have good experience back in the days but I think they have got it right this time! Try their Curry Mee and Lamb Chops. They have awesome Char Kuey Teow as well. The restaurant is family friendly with plenty of space for small children. I would highly recommend you to give it a go.More