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Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch partners with the world’s leading skincare brands incorporating innovative techniques to create unique spa experiences for clients within a peaceful ambience and with warm customer service. In addition to offering a range of signature treatments like Sense of Touch laboratories Read More

1st-5th Level, 52 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong
+852 2526 6918
[email protected]

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Hong Kong 2020

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50% Off 60Min Customised Facial (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 464
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

50% Off Waxing (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 232
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

50% Off 60Min Head & Shoulder or Foot Massage (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 185
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
I went to sense of touch for a hydrating recovery facial and it was probably the worst facial I’ve ever had. Firstly, the service from the receptionists was bad, they were not helpful or professional and the facial only began 20 mins after the appointment time. The staff member doing my facial did not seem trained at all, she put rubbed my face very roughly and applied products carelessly and quickly. It appeared like the spa just found a random person who had no idea about facial care. Nevertheless, I will not return again.Read more
I was told by a friend to go for Prenatal massage at Sense of Touch. She has been to the Repluse Bay branch. Living far away from Repulse Bay I decided to go to Lan Kwai Fong branch. Upon booking the Prenatal massage appointment I was never told that I will have to walk a lot of stairs. Knowing the fact that a customer who wants a prenatal massage they should be allocated to lower floor massage rooms instead of asking them to walk up so much. That really disappointed me but I was hoping that a nice massage would ease off the pain from walking up the flight of stairs. I was even more disappointed by the massage, I felt I just had a regular massage which could be done anywhere in HK. They should know pregnant ladies have a lot lower back pain and hip issues during pregnancy and they should focus on those pressure points instead of arms, fingers or toes. Throughout the whole massage not even once my back nor my hips were massaged. I paid HK$900 which wasn't even worth it and felt I could have just done a regular massage for less than the amount paid. In their website it is mentioned the massage is for 1 hour. However my massage only lasted for 45-50mins. Moreover, Prenatal massages are suppose to be relaxing one however all I could hear was someone getting massaged next door was talking to the Masseuse so loudly. Not only that there was no soothing music to relex instead I felt more distressed. After the massage was over the Masseuse did not even bother to tell me to where the clean towel was kept for bathing nor I was told where the shower room was. Its like she just did her job mundanely and left me to wander and figure out the room myself. After that, I walked down to the reception (after walking the stairs again), I was not even once asked how I felt after my massage not even a survey was done to know customer satisfaction. The receptionist just asked me to pay. It seemed like they do not want or welcome new customers. Knowing the fact I was their first time customer and of course will be their last time customer too. I really feel sorry for the clients who have purchased big amount packages with them. I would recommend all the mummies to be NOT to go since you will end up being more frustrated instead of relaxing yourself!Read more
Rama is your lady, she is patience, friendly and very professional. Well located in Central, LKF, no need to take a lift (very rare in HK), love the essence when you go inside. All the therapists and receptionists are very friendly.Read more
I have been a client for 2 years of this place for waxing with Rama. Since I trusted her with that, I thought I could get my eyebrows done too. Mind you, I made it clear that 1) I've been growing out my eyebrows for 2 months that I 2) want thick eyebrows and chose them over my original place because the last place made it too thin 2) I brought in research of what I wanted, which was thick eyebrows with an arch. Lastly, I also I also mentioned if you cannot get an arch, make sure its still thick. After 20 minutes, I had very thin eyebrows, poorly trimmed, and shaped NOTHING like the pictures I provided. Throughout it when she showed it to me I told her how disappointed I was and how it wasn't the shape I wanted. Rama, who know me well, said "well you should have just got them cleaned up". I said "that's what I asked, for them to be thick". Afterwards she could tell I was so upset because I come in quite often and generally pretty bubbly as I come and go. Yet she still took my money without any hesitation. So if you do go, I recommend you go ahead and get waxing done there. Rama, as all the review say, does a good job but they are definitely overpriced. I would definitely NEVER recommend them especially Rama for eyebrows. I was so disappointed and pissed off that as a valued customer she negated what I had said as if I had not given her the right information when I clearly researched everything I wanted and they did not even bother to provide anything as I walked out the door. I will never go back to this place and I do recommend you never go.Read more
Love the essence when you open the front door, the receptionist is very friendly ,they will offer you tea or water. I have tried a few things so far, Eyelash tinting, Facial, Mani and Pedi, and Laser Hair Removal. All the treatments are nicely performed and well known. My beauty therapist is always Rama, and through my experience I can recommend her enough. She is very professional, her knowledge, care and patience easily makes her your best choice, you can relax even with the Laser Hair Removal as you know you are in good hands, painless treatment in whatever area you chose, all treatments payed for are worth every cent. Read more