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Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives

From private ocean retreats to tropical tree houses, Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa offers seven distinctly styled luxurious villas. Featuring sensational sea views and touches of Middle Eastern and Indian elements in the décor, each is equipped with luxurious amenities. Experience the horizon Read More

Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives
Villingili Island
Addu Atoll
+960 689 7888

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Recent Reviews
We returned to this Villingili paradise for 12 nights in March 2020 after an absence of 2 years. Everything was as expected/remembered from our previous stay and the superlatives from my review of 2018 remain unchanged. BUT - the big difference this time round was the increasing menace of the Covid-19 outbreak in the wider world and we must commend all of the Shangri-La Villingili staff for their superb response to the situation. Despite the very low (and reducing during our stay) occupancy in the hotel and the reduction in local staffing levels because of Maldives Government restrictions , all of the Shangri-La staff worked exceptionally hard to provide us with the usual unforgettable experience. All of the services (dining outlets, water sports, spa, etc) functioned normally and to the usual 5-star level, right up to our check-out day when only a handful of guests remained. If any of the staff had personal worries/concerns over the coronavirus situation, they kept them well hidden from us and were their usual smiling, friendly and helpful selves. During our last 48 hours at the hotel, we had numerous last-minute flight changes because of various travel restrictions, and our villa host worked tirelessly to help us with local travel arrangements. Shangri-La Villingili was for us a shining example of the hospitality industry at its best under extremely adverse conditions and they deserve to thrive, once conditions return to normal at some future point. Well done (and a big THANK YOU) Shangri-La Maldives.Read more
We stayed here just as the craziness of the world descended and checked out on 21st. In some ways we it was amazing as by the end of our stay there was only 10 other people there but on the other hand the place was far too quiet, there was no entertainment and some activities were not available ( eg private dining and the gym) and we were stressing over our departure and return flights ( hotel were very flexible with the domestic flights). As such we didn’t fully experience everything which was a shame and not able to 100% relax. It’s also a shame the all inclusive isn’t provided in your room, as it is in some other resorts, as you had to chose between the making the most of your room or enjoying a few afternoon drinks and ideally you should be able to experience both for the $ you pay. That said the staff were amazing especially Manibhararh, Ravin, Hussain, Susthana and Ventkualesh who tried to ensure that guests enjoyed themselves despite everything. Welcome From the moment you land in Male you are welcome by Shangri La staff with a domestic flight, golf cart, speed boat and golf cart pick up. The airport lounge is though tired and a shame that there is no alcohol available to start your holiday. Accommodation We had an over the water villa which was spectacular . The room is a tad dated with ineffective plugs sockets and no USB ports (which is standard today). Also there is no vanity area with a mirror and plug socket and no mirror at all in the bedroom which for a 5 star hotel is a let down. Also as noted no drinks are provided in your all inclusive which was another let down. Cleaning was often quite late in the afternoon and merged into turn down and often buggies could be a while appearing. Spa Excellent facilities and I had a couple of messages whilst there and would recommend. Golf We managed a game of golf and although a hot play the round was stunning. Restaurants Javva was the main restaurant for breakfast and lunch and was good and the manager and two of the staff mentioned above were excellent. I do however think that the configuration is odd with the food quite a walk away from where you sat. Fusala was OK but aside from the view I wasn’t overly impressed Dr Ali’s was amazing and would recommend the curry for 2. Excellent. There was no snacks at the pool side for AI which was disappointing as you had to go to Javva for lunch even if you just wanted a small snack. Again a shame AI didn’t include breakfast in your room. Entertainment Unfortunately there was none and a number of the experiences weren’t available and neither was the gym which was a shame. Overall we aren’t sure if we will return. We loved the holiday and want to return to experience all we missed and we would recommend going there. We are in half minds as the AI component could be better. Read more
Visited as the world was closing down! The hotel was almost empty with people trying to get home making our stay extremely unique. The hotel is fabulous the location is amazing the food is probably some of the best food I have ever eaten simply amazing .. but what makes this place a gem is the staff. They have been so wonderful friendly attentive without being intrusive. There are too many to list individually as stars . The guys behind the poolside bar kept on bringing those drinks and worked so hard to keep everyone supplied . Pity next time we visit there will be other people here ! Read more
Shangri-La Maldives. I was always reluctant to go to the Maldives as I thought it would be better described as the Boredives. How wrong was I? Very wrong. Shangri-La hotels previously have not impressed me as much as other hotels but I have to say, this one is spectacular. The staff are very passionate about their role in the hotel. The chefs want to tell you about the food and want you to try tasters and provide feedback. The cocktail/mixologist from India who has only been working at this hotel for two months is excellent. The hotel should make him an integral part of the hotels development with some of the other shinning stars. He has some wonderful drink mixes and ideas for the place. Staff are great, even those that are still learning the ropes. Food and drink are good. Make sure you go all inclusive. It’s not full of boring options, there is a good choice. Otherwise you will need a healthy bank balance to pay for a $10 coke, cocktail $14-16, €13 bottle beer, $10 small glass of basic wine and so mounts up.....then add the tax and service charge. We still purchased a treat wine from the paying menu, just for variety $105 plus tax etc, Cloudy Bay. Was getting bored of the standard selection. Food is very nice, if not all inclusive, pizza for lunch approx $25 with prices going up to $60 for a tiny lobster (giant prawns are better). Pizzas are loverly as are the prawns and many other items. 3 Resturant’s, so you have variety......feels less like the same hotel food each day. That’s good! Each Resturant differs from each other. On the whole, Dinners are dearer during the evening, differ menu from lunch. Plus two of the three restaurants are only open for dinner. You use your all inclusive credit for those two places and you may go slightly over. The breakfast place s excellent, so much choice for everyone. They have it all covered. The gentleman in charge of all the food area/Resturant’s is excellent, he is on the ball and very helpful. Without him I think standards would drop. He keeps everything working and all staff working to the best of their ability. I thank him for all the hard work, he made it look effortless. He is key to this hotels high review rating! All inclusive does not stretch to the pool area for food, just for drinks. Would be good if you could get a pool snack for lunch on all inclusive instead of having to sit at the main area.....might work out better cost wise for the hotel. Sometimes you just want a nibble or a club sandwich. This is not a criticism as the other option is still great. Would also be nice to have all inclusive breakfast in the villa. Don’t mind paying a supplement but would not want to pay full whack again on top of all inclusive package. It would be hassle for the hotel and I’m sure people would complain that food is not hot etc. Cold breakfast option would be good if available. Accommodation. We could not leave without staying in a water villa. That’s what everyone asks when returned back home. They are amazing, cool, picturesque. Hammocks over the water are great but if you are fair-skinned, potentially too hot past 2pm unless you are snorkelling. Depending on location of villa. We also stayed in a land villa with a separate pool, additional room detached from the main sleeping area and close to the beach. I rate these big time! Upon any return here, land villa for me! But first timers should try the water villas. All incredible. Love that you get your own cycle each with each villa and also like the free buggy service. Other facilities Water sport facilities are great, tours are great, plenty of activities.....So not boring! Golf, pool, snooker, gym. Spa is pricy but nice. Surprised that Shangri-La does not throw one treatment in for free if staying for more than 5 nights? Fabulous pool area but could get noisy with big groups arriving and being over excited and not being considerate to others (not the fault of the hotel). We were spoiled with our own little villa pool. Other Pictures on web are more underwhelming but in reality, much better when seeing in person. Be prepared to be blown away. Cleaning Cleaning of room was approx 1:30pm, latish but no big deal as we were at our pool area of the villa for the first 5 days and turn down at 5:30. However, when we moved to the water villa, cleaning of room was done at 4:30 on occasions and that was effectively turn down as well. A tad late as we were running low on towels and water. I would say slightly less in-depth cleaning at the water villa 259. I’m sure that if we made a big deal of it, it would have been improved. Conclusion This is a quality place and little room for improvement. At most all I could suggest is, cushions on back of seats when dining, pool service for drinks and restaurant service for drinks could be quicker and drinks colder upon the pour from all Resturants. But remember, this is a chilled out place, take it all in and go with the flow. So I’m being picky as there is nothing major to report for gripes. The all inclusive bills are a tad confusing at first, I understand for audit reasons you need to itemise everything but you should show a ZERO final balance unless customer has exceeded their allowance. It’s confusing to understand if one went over the allowance especially when you have to incorporate tax etc. Again, there is no real critisms here that will impact the enjoyment of ones holiday. Tips: at the far end the water villas have clear blue water (259 is best, on the end) but as a result, less fish if snorkelling (still ok though). If you want snorlking to the max, go for water villa at the other end (villa 109 and ones around there). Less clear water, more sea grass but that means more fish). You should sea baby sharks (they are tiny, don’t be worried) and turtles coming up for air in the shallow areas without the need to snorkel at around 4pm near the approach to water villas near villa area 109........ You will see fish everywhere. The buggy drivers will no doubt point this all out to you. Land villa 146 had great internet connection. Sadly water villa 259 had poor internet connection. Bring a book or two! Each day here feels like it’s two days, soooooo relaxing. I would come here again. We went business class but the last leg upon arrival to the island, hand luggage can only be 5kg. A bit of a joke really as they make a big deal out of it. Had to transfer valuables into main case. But it all arrived ok. So no real worries. Our own fault really. Suggest you take a rucksack instead of cabin luggage. Parting note: If from Europe, break up the return journey by staying in Dubai for a couple of days. Otherwise the travelling back will undo all the good that the relaxing holiday had to offer. On the way out you will be knackered but you just get straight into holiday mode on arrival..... Amazing place, Thankyou. Read more
We visited this resort for 5 nights on our honeymoon. Overall we had a great experience and would not hesitate to recommend this to others. We stayed in a sunset over water villa (closest to the golf course) which worked out well because the water seemed to be slightly clearer at this end of the island. FOOD We purchased an all inclusive package which included breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. All included meals are served at the one restaurant (Javvu). Altough the food was really good (especially the a la carte dinner), it would be nice to have more than one restaurant to choose from that's included in the package. There are 2 other restaurants at the resort (we ate at one of them - Fashala) and the food was amazing. ACTIVITIES There are plently of activities you can do (we went swimming with turtles and jet skiing). Although not cheap I think it is definitely worth doing some while you are there. We also played golf twice which was great to have as an option! ENTERTAINMENT They had live music at the restaurants on some nights - this was a nice touch. It would be good to have more free entertainment if possibe as when you're going back to the same restaurant each day it can become a bit repetitive. ACCOMODATION Our over water villa was AMAZING! it was much larger than we expected and the decor was beautiful. Our room was cleaned twice a day with new bottles of water delivered. SERVICE All of the staff are absolutely lovely! You can tell they have been trained well and know what they are doing. The restaurant was quite slow (I waited over 30 minutes for my coffee one morning) however, this is a minor detail when you are sitting with such an amazing view in front of you. ACCESSIBILITY This island is not the easiest to get to so make sure you are prepared for the travel! We flew from Colombo > Male > Gan > 5 minute speedboat to the hotel. If you can fly directly from Colombo > Gan I would recommend trying that. You do feel very isolated on this island and far away from everything however that's what makes it so special so I think it is defitniely worth the travel! OVERALL I would definitely recommend this resort to others (especially if you're looking for a romantic escape for your honeymoon). When looking into other resorts, this seemed to be the least kid friendly (which is what we wanted). There were a few kids there but all very well behaved on not running rampant! Make sure you purchase a deal and do your research getting multiple quotes - it could even be worth going back to the resort with a quote and seeing if there is anything they can include extra if you purchase directly through them. Enjoy!Read more