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Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

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Shin Minori, translated as ''new harvest'' in English, is a restaurant offering quality Japanese food at affordable prices. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant sources the freshest ingredients from a wide range of suppliers to recreate the flavours of Japan. Diners can choose from an extensive à la ... More

81 Clemenceau Avenue, #03-15/16
River Valley
+65 6733 2272
Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

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  • UE Square Shopping Mall

    River Valley


Recent Reviews
Food serving was VERY VERY VERY slow. No food on table for over 50mins or more. Check with staffs but reply always the same, "its coming, sir". Until we checked with manager, our second order list wasn't key in, and there's still pending orders from first list after 1hrs. You are charging premium price yet you can't deliver a satisfaction experience. If you can't cope with full house capacity, then limit the number of customers.More
25 Sep @ 7pm 1. Customer services was worst than terrible. What happened was - Was using the ipad to order some ALA CARTE food, understand that I am having the buffet set, I just wanted to order some beers and ALA CARTE FOOD. One of the Chinese staff came order, SNATCH AWAY THE IPAD FROM MY HAND and told us that "did you guys ordered this? this is ala carte menu food, you guys are having the buffet" we told them, yes we ordered and we know that we need to pay for the ALA CARTE orders too and walked off saying this to another staff, "WHAT THE HELL, THEY KNOW THEY NEED TO PAY FOR ALA CARTE FOOD ANOT?" WHAT?! What kind of CS is this? We waited for the food for closely 30 mins... just one of the buffet item served to us, not everything from the buffet items was served. Wasted my 2.5hrs experience in this place. I work in the F&B industry for 4 years, and I personally hate being a rude customer, but it was really a bad experience there. Serving me TEAPOT without tea cup... lol Hotpot without hotpot stoveMore
This place is one of the worst place i had ever came across... Firstly the service is so slow, i order a same dish 5 time, but it didnt came at all. I ask one of the staff, the staff say idk. Secondly, the hygience is very very bad, the staff serve the food with wearing gloves, and the floor is so messy and dirty, probably it had never wash for year. Thirdly, the food portion was so unrelastic, in the ipad it was so big, but when it came it look like .... Lastly, if you want eat a buffet i can tell you dont come this restaurant at ALL. I will recommend any place. If i want to give a rating this probably would be zero star.More
Food didn’t come till at least 30 minutes later. Some of the dishes weren’t even served. Was there at around 1pm..and the first dish only came at around 130 which was one slice of tamago (we ordered 2). Maybe only half of our first order came at around 2pm. Ordered a second round at 2pm cause we thought our orders didn’t go through. Food only came at maybe 230pm...and it was already their last order...... So ok, we ordered the desserts in advance and everything. And the ice cream was served before the food was served... told them to serve it a bit later politely but was rejected. Reason was because its a weekend and its too busy for them. At the end, so many of our food dishes weren’t even served lol. Sigh...the buffet wasn’t worth it at all, could have gotten a nice bowl of chirashi at a nice restaurant for the price. Quality of food wasn’t that great either. More
Horrible place, don’t believe anything the internet say that it’s so famous. Ordered so much food and they end up not serving what we ordered. Was here an hour, look at what they serve. So much rubbish and not enough people to clear, NEA should do something? Can imagine how disgusting inside can be..... More