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Nestled beautifully on a hilltop in the midst of Amara Sanctuary’s lush gardens and natural tropical rainforest, Shutters offers a romantic dining experience away from the urban hustle ... More

1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa Island
+65 6825 3866

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Recent Reviews
After checking into the hotel on the 2nd day, I went to the restaurant name SHUTTERS. Service was very bad, the Chinese Manager had race-based preferential treatment, I saw him giving a European couple with all the attention and trying very hard to be a apple polisher on multiple occasions. The manager keep talking to them and trying to make the couple to appreciate him by keep telling them this; "I will give you a special discount" and trying very hard to sell his "good" service. While he can't be bothered to deliver my coffee which was supposed to be served with my food, even after I finished my meal. After a 10 minutes wait and still see no one bother to serve me my coffee. I waved at the Malay Waitress twice to ask for my coffee, the 1st time she ignored me and walk away. After 2 minutes when she saw another Caucasian couple coming in for the complimentary drink only, she walked towards them briskly and welcomed them in, while the manager eagerly escorting them like some super VIP have arrived. After the new customers settling down. I waved at that waitress the 2nd time and she ignored me again by giving me a hand signal to wait, while she approached them again and ask if they like to have any order. Finally when that waitress approached me, the manager walked over to serve me the lukewarm coffee, which I saw him made the coffee earlier on and left it on the counter while he rushed off to bid goodbye to the "Royal like" European couple , and told them again he will charge the bills to their room and give them a special discount and trying to have small talk with them again. To be honest, some people love to "service" the Caucasian and I have no qualms about it and it is their personal choice. But please do not treat other Non Caucasian guest, as third class guest, I paid a premium price for the suite and I was courteous to the service staffs in the restaurant, but in the end all I get was third class treatment. I will never visit Amara Sanctuary again and I will share this with my business associates who are also the frequent clients of Sentosa hotels and restaurants. I believe they will make a good choice.More
Had the Crab fried rice and beef burger. Burger was tasty and well cooked. Ambience was quiet. Really appreciate the service by Shawn who was warm, friendly and helpful. He went out of his way to provide us a portable fan when the ceiling fan was not working. It was not a particularly hot day.More
The staff at Amara Sanctuary and Shutters told us multiple times that the breakfast was a buffet. We paid $65.95 for 2 pax and only had some eggs, bacons and sausages. When I wanted to add more eggs, the staff said that it was chargeable as another breakfast set and that only the drinks were free flow. If this was the case, why weren’t the staff educated properly on this? Or did they know and chose to reveal it after we had eaten? Because I’m sure We had clarified about 3 times on this. The only reason this is receiving 2 stars is because the food is at the very least, edible. But it is definitely not worth $65.95. Please educate your staff on the meaning of buffet.More
The food wasn't fantastic for a hotel restaurant. The beef patty was bland. Beef stroganoff paster was relatively okay, but presentation was messy and there was too many capsicum added that it overwhelmed the taste of the dish. The beef in the pasta felt like it was just boiled.More
Went to Shutters for dinner after a day out at Sentosa. We ordered the curry chicken and beef stroganoff for our mains with the toffee sticky pudding as dessert. The curry chicken was really delicious, would go back again for the dish. Javon was an excellent service staff who tended to our requests promptly and patiently. 5 star service !More