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Smoocht Sin Ming

Smoocht is founded on the simple idea that every man can make a difference. That we can change the world, through the everyday choices we make. Starting with a simple r’ice-cream, our aspiration is to make small nudges into discovering a better world of eating, thinking and living Read More

8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre, #01-03
+65 6456 6431
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
My first experience of Vegan ice cream at this place recently. The dark chocolate was quite tasty. Seems like a reasonably popular place, but not that cheap at around $7 for 2 scoops.Read more
I went to brownice maybe 2 years ago before I went vegan and enjoyed the ice-cream but thought that it tasted quite strongly of rice milk. Now that I am vegan I absolutely love their ice cream! I would also highly recommend their waffles and brownies which are out of this world!Read more
Definitely the best vegan pizza I've ever had! We ordered the BBQ Chicken pizza & the Truffle Porchini Funghi pizza. We also had the frozen chocolate shake and Nutella ice-cream with waffle for dessert. Pizzas: Incredible. The cheese was so good, I had to ask if it was vegan or dairy (non-dairy of course). BBQ has such real tasting chicken, I was really pleasantly surprised, . Truffle pizza had a cheesy, garlicky taste which I loved, but could have had a little more actual mushrooms on top (please). Hot and came fast! (10-15 mins for a fresh pizza is quick- with the restaurant about half-full) Chocolate shake: We had 1 to share and thank goodness as its so rich and thick but SO delicious!! Don't ever change the recipe for that! Dessert: The ice cream was tasty and definitely I couldn't tell it was vegan (soy-free as well). The waffle to be honest was a bit dry and not warm... It wasn't bad but I wish I'd gone for the brownie instead. Some more cake choices would be great. Location: So inconvenient for us (staying in Bugis). We had to take a bus for around 30 mins to get there and back as there was no MRT. The area looks ok though, a couple of bars next door, but Bugis/central would be a far better location. (A branch in the airport would also be beyond incredible for us as we transfer at Singapore very often- wishful thinking on our side). Value: Quite good value for what it is (vegan cheese is not easy to come by, neither is vegan Italian). They had some lunch offers that looked quite good but we couldn't afford to come here for dinner every day sadly. It cost us $51 SGD for what we ordered. Thankful they gave free filtered water at least. Great service! No complaints apart from location. Expect me back soon!!! Read more
I was googling around for yogurt suitable for the lactose intolerant and came across Brownice mentioned for their brown rice milk ice cream. We ordered a Spicy Chick thin crust pizza at around 6:30pm on a Sunday. There was only one other couple around who ordered waffles and ice cream. The vegan pizza was creamy and flavourful even with soy 'ham' and 'chicken'. We then ordered a waffle with matcha and dark chocolate ice cream. Ice cream is creamy and heavy bodied. Pretty good. Would come back again to try their shakes because yay, no more pain for consuming creamy food!Read more
Their food is healthy, look appetizing. My favourite is their black sesame ice cream, green tea ice cream, and coconut ice cream. Oh ya, and also hedgehog pizza, the best pizza in town.Read more