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St. Paul's Catacombs

St. Paul's Catacombs feature an ancient burial ground beyond the former footprint of the Melita, including an underground and labyrinthine network of interconnecting passages and tombs hewn out of the live rock Read More

St. Agatha Street
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Malta 2020

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Recent Reviews
This is a really great site, and reasonably priced. The recent redevelopment features interesting interpretive panels and a good display of the artifacts. The catacombs are fun to visit, as each one is slightly different, and there are informational booths throughout the grounds. The one thing I'd like improved is that while there were maps of the things to see in each catacomb, once we were underground it was impossible to relate the map to the actual layout. Some pointers underground would be quite useful to enable us to see the inscriptions, decorative features, etc.Read more
Really well presented but a bit repetitive. Lovely for an hours visit in the sun. Mostly outdoors. Strangely is wheelchair accessible to the site but you can’t visit any of the catacombs! Interesting history given and a bit spooky! Very limited bones if that’s what you are expecting! Read more
What a brilliant visit! For me this is one of the best historical sites in Malta. The site is vast with so many catacombs to explore and amazing value for money. Having explored one side of the road you then explore the catacombs on the other side of the road. You will not he disappointed and WILL see real bones in the tombs. Fun for all agesRead more
After visiting Mdina the old capital of Malta and being Rabat about a 10' walk we decided to visit St Paul's Catacombs I found a well organized and clean place to visit. Impressed we were as well with the museum. This place covers a total area of 10.000 squrare meters above ground and more than 7.000 meters below ground. St Pauls Catacombs is known since 17th century.Read more
Had been there with family, these are the most prominent features of Malta’s early Christianity archaeology. Archaeologists have unearthed an extensive system of underground galleries and tombs dating from the third to the eighth centuries CE, It also comprises the catacombs of Saint Agatha, San Katald, St. Augustine and many others. The catacombs were in use till the seventh, possibly eighth century. Some of the catacombs were used again during the re-Christianisation of the Island around the 13th century. Tall people, word of caution as one needs to bend down and walk through the narrow path inside the tombs, there are restrictions to the number of people that can enter at a given time, I relished the time spent there marvelling the handiwork and detailing of the structures inside the tomb.Read more