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We at Subway Malta take pride in offering fast and friendly service together with fresh and healthy products. Operating in six restaurants across the island, we invite you to visit and experience our culinary indulgence at affordable prices. We also offer catering for parties Read More

Zabbar Road
+356 2133 7776
[email protected]

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Malta 2018

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Restaurants and Bars

30cm Meal Deal (3offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 33
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2018

Malta 2019

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Available offers...

Restaurants and Bars

30cm Meal Deal (3offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 33
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2019
Recent Reviews
I love subway but twice I have been to the Valletta shop and twice I have left empty handed. First time the girl supposed to be serving was too busy smoking - in her subway uniform - in front of the place whilst chatting with her friends and completely ignoring me. Second time, I arrive 20 minutes before they were supposed to close. Everything had been cleared away and the lad serving, I could see was out the back washing everything up. You either close at 8pm or you close at 7.40pm. But if you're meant to close at 8pm and your staff are shutting up at 7.40pm, then you are losing business and that staff member needs to be re-trained or given the sack. Also, the prices in Subway in Malta are extortionate and cannot be justified!Read more
This subway store is very shabby.The staff were also rude after presenting to them my discount from what I gathered the person writing my bill did not know as to how to discount my meal and as soon as he asked his colleague and found out how he exhaled heavily and did it begrugingly.He also did the same when the people I was with ordered 4 Kinnie's.You can also tell how undeveloped it is by the way they put the fillings in your sandwiches...because as I have seen from other Subway branches in Malta they weigh the fillings so they give the exact same portion to this one they just used the standard spoon so I think this branch is a bit forgotten so that bit is down to the management but carrying on with the review I also feel that the staff were NOT enthusiastic at all!I get that maybe the heat doesnt help and that it isnt the most fun and highest paying job but come on...brighten up a little bit.Read more
Would go there again and again and again. Really friendly staff and great food. Really enjoyed every moment. Read more
...than back in the U.S. Only five instead of nine bread choices and no apple slices to replace chips in the meal deal. Only icky cheese options, too: some kind of vinyl shiny American cheese, or mixed grated cheddar and jack. Fewer veggies add ins, as well. However, they have an actual veggie patty for their vegetarian sandwich, plus they serve canned beer! And I had a really sweet server keep asking me if I really wanted my tomatoes to go through the toaster.Read more
poor location but friendly staff and for about $5 a quick lite meal with lots of choices made for nice end of the day Read more