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Ta Marija

Awarded as the Best Maltese Food Restaurant for the past ten years, Ta’ Marija doesn’t just serve Maltese cuisine, they create dishes with what is locally traditional with their own signature flavours of sumptuousness. The à la carte menu has been given an innovative kick, and yes, they have Read More

Constitution Street
+356 2143 4444
[email protected]

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Malta 2020

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Recent Reviews
We visit Ta'Marija for one of its folklore nights, in december. It is an old family restaurants, passed from generations to generations, and you could have feel the family vibe. The restaurant manager is greeting everyone in a nice and personal way. There were also two musicians walking by tables and play a song of your choice, which was nice. On food: we tried the rabbit, which was a bit dry and not really impressive. The show was okish / nice, a bit shorter than I expected, But we had so much fun, especially after the show when they opened up the floor for a joint dance. In general, it was a fun evening .. Not for food, but mainly the vibe.Read more
After visiting the Mosta Dome we went to Ta'Marija. It had great reviews and was only a few blocks from the dome.It appeared popular so we made a reservation. We arrived at 1 PM and found the restaurant had only two tables occupied. Our waiter, Leoni, was very pleasant and seated us promptly. We ordered several starter dishes to sample the Maltese cuisine. The smoked horse meat reminded us of ceviche. The mushrooms in a cream sauce were great! The snails were very simply done with the actual flavor of the snails in full effect. The rabbit stomach sliders were disappointing. It appeared a few stomachs were chopped up to spread them around on a large bun to disguise the paucity of meat.The rabbit livers were over-cooked to chewiness. The bragioli were tasty with a Maltese sausage sauce. Then we ordered the seafood platters that came with razor and littleneck clams, mussels, prawns, and baby lobster. This was a total fail! Everything was overcooked to toughness. The prawns' shells had been reduced to crepe paper with the heads empty of any of the expected goodness. We ate politely. After the meal we had to pay with cash as the internet had broken. We were VERY surprised that a restaurant of its reputation and reviews would allow such a dish to even leave the kitchen let alone be presented to a customer. When mentioned to Leoni, he assured us it would be brought to the attention of the management. We left wondering if that would actually happen.Read more
We came after the lunch specials, and ordered a la carte from the menu. But there were so many dishes to try that had been on my "to-eat" list, that we got carried away. Luckily our server, helped us out, and in some cases brought smaller versions of the plate we ordered (and at a reduced price). The local sausage that came with the bigilla was terrific. And the avocado salad was not only tasty, but huge, and beautifully presented. But our favorite was the hobz biz-zejt, it's essence being a flaked tuna sandwich with no mayo. It was too much food, and we had to take the rabbit stew home with us - it was quite tasty the next day.Read more
Frankly, I don't know how they did it. Brilliant buffet food, a great wine/drinks package, entertainment and service with warmth to match. Value for money par-excellence too! I have been here before and always been impressed, and this time the buffet food and huge choice was a similar Maltese sensational. I stuck to soup, fish, cheese and loads of wine. My wife tucked into about everything (sorry about that Ta Marija!), while father in law, aged 92, enjoyed a similar menu, but with oodles of meat and desserts too. House wine is excellent too. I say that I don't know how they did it. We arrived at around 12.15am and within seconds were at our table. Already getting busy, this large...ish restaurant was heaving a few minutes later. Every member of staff knew what to do, how to deal with arrivals, those at tables and those who had enjoyed their lunches preparing to leave. No detail was missed, including most importantly the spacing of tables and their occupants on what was a massive luncheon occasion in Malta. Bear in mind too that the team were all there until 3am in the morning following New Years Eve. Yes, the food was fantastic; probably the best buffet food we have ever eaten. The venue is delightful and I just hope there will be room for us again next year.....but will certainly be back well before then! Many thanks and a happy 2020 to you all at Ta Marija.Read more
This was my second visit and this place never disappoints me. Great service, delicious food, good atmosphere and thumbs up for cleanliness (which I do struggle to find in restaurants nowadays). Worth a visit and will surely go again and again... :) one more thing to point out, The Entertainer was accepted straight away with no further excuses as unfortunately some other places do. Well done Ta' Marija!!! Read more