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table 9

table 9 is a unique concept restaurant in Dubai that has become a platform for talented chefs to create their own bespoke dining experience. The latest evolution introduces a brand new bistro-styled concept that guarantees a flavoursome indulgence Read More

Hilton Dubai Creek
Restaurant Level
Bur Dubai
+971 4 212 7551
[email protected]

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Dubai 2020

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Recent Reviews
We dined here 5 years ago and it was by far the best dinner experience ever and that's why we were excited when we reserved the table once again to this restaurant few days ago. We arrived excatly that time when we had a reservation and there was nobody inviting us welcome. We peeked to the restaurant and it was empty, also kitchen... No staff and no other customer. There is another restaurant next to this and waitress from there asked to us wait a couple minutes. We were wondering whats going on, why kitchen is empty and clean and why for example wine fridges were half empty and not on. Then this other waitress (looked like some manager) came and told us that because we were only customer for that night, the other restaurant will do our food. Excuse me, what? We want to dine this fine dining place and some other mediocre kitchen will prepare our meal because we are only customers for today.. Well, we decided to leave. Who knows, maybe food done by other restaurant can be good, but i don't think fine dining restaurant business works like this. Even though this manager promised that the food we order will be served for us is not enough when you have pretty big excpectations. This is not accetable bahaviour at any level. Very disappointed.Read more
We arrived just before last orders (having arrived on an evening flight) but we’re immediately made welcome. The service was friendly and efficient (as we like it) but not rushed. The food was excellent, a relatively small but varied menu. A great start to our short break in Dubai. Read more
Being on a half-board meal plan at the Hilton Creek, I wasn't expecting such a nice experience at the Table 9, rather a simple buffet. It was a very welcomed surprise with good choices and presentation.Read more
Amazing experience at Table 9 Restaurant kitchen I always had the curiosity to know how the Chef's manager a Muslim kitchen with so many tourists around every Day, finally I got the opportunity at Table 9 Restaurant by Hilton in Dubai. I would like to say thanks to a amazing chefs, Can, Reve,and Zibair that make me feel so welcome on this kitchen sharing knowledge in a very fun environment. All the HACCP regulation is very similar with the EEU HACCP, but about Pork is everything diferent, to cook pork in a Muslim kitchen it's possible .....yes it's they have a completely separated kitchen and one Chef just to ✋ the pork station so that is the way they know there's no contamination... I would recommend it, and when I back to Dubai certainly I would love to do that again. Travel///cooking///learning///having funny///Read more
This restaurant is basically a very nice one the food and service we were personally given it could not be faulted The restaurant chefs are very good and the waitress cater for your needs perfectly without being too pushy about helping you etc. Would I eat there again? Probably yes. However the restaurant do allow people for a fee to have some cookery lessons. When we decided to eat at this restaurant instead of the adjacent Glasshouse e did not realise that these people who had purchased this course would also be cooking for their respective parties. In itself it should not have been a problem but for every course they would disappear into the kitchen to carry out the required preparation OK even that was not a problem but it did appear that they were going in and out of the kitchen in their everyday clothes and when they returned from the kitchen they were still wearing their chefs hats removing them half way through the course and placing them to one side.then donning them as required prior to returning to the kitchen. In these days of hygiene standards )OK in the UK) I can only question the idea of what we were seeing. In hindsight perhaps I should of mentioned it to the waitress but we did not.. I should add that we did not believe that these trainees were cooking the meals we were eating. Read more