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Established in 1985, Tandoor restaurant at Holiday Inn® Singapore Orchard City Centre takes diners on a journey with authentic dishes that pay homage to the colourful stories of India’s rich culinary heritage. Tandoor’s contemporary décor is laced with traditional elements and the understated Read More

Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road, Basement 1
Orchard Road
+65 6733 8333
[email protected]

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Singapore 2019

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Recent Reviews
From very beginning we got feeling waiters were only working here, not really serving customers. Every step we need to wait. Luckily food was good, however not the best indian food, I have been eating.Read more
We thoroughly enjoyed the sunday lunch buffet at Tandoor! The menu was interesting, food was very tasty and appetizing supported by professional service. Good for a special occasion or if craving for authentic north Indian cuisine.Read more
We ordered the a mixed seafood Tandoori plater, lady's finger (good recommended by the staff), dal curry, 2 Naan, 1 rice. The food quality and freshness are excellent esp the Tandoori prawn and fish. Unlike the strong spice and curry flavor which is common in most Indian food I find the cooking here taste more natural with only a small hint of spices. Overall we rate the food and ambience to be 4/5 except it is quite pricey. One portion of white rice or Naan cost $15. The total bill came up to around $200 (with 17% service and GST) for 3 personsRead more
An old favourite! Always try to go there on very special occasions or when we have special guests. Never disappoints! The service is always great. Read more
I have been to this restaurant twice and this review is based on my last visit this year. My first visit (in September 2018) with my vegetarian guests was a nightmare!.....both in terms of service and the quality of the food. In my first visit there was a certain waiter who for some unknown reason appeared to be totally inattentive from the moment my guests read out the vegetarian dishes that they wish to eat from the menu. Is it because they ordered vegetarian dishes ??...I don't know....but from that point onwards his service became tardy. I remember that he brought the breads first and kept them on the table and went back to the kitchen purportedly to get the dishes to go with it. However he did not and instead was focusing on another table which appeared to be having more guests and who had ordered some non-vegetarian dishes as I could see from my table. Eventually he did serve us but by that time the breads in the basket became cold. Apparently it seemed as if he was "looking down upon" my vegetarian colleagues as if they were "sinners" for not being meat eaters !! ;) To cut the story short my vegetarian friends left with a poor impression about this supposedly "high end" premier restaurant. Coincidentally, the same story was repeated on my second visit (in May this year) with another group of vegan office colleagues that I had accompanied. I believe it was the same or some other waiter (I can"t remember) who attended to our table. Hence I conclude that if anyone ever comes to this restaurant its better not to order vegetarian dishes alone and subsequently get charged premium, "5 star prices" for shoddy service and poor quality dishes !!....Although, ironically, Indian cuisine is replete with many interesting and delicious vegetarian dishes loved and admired around the world !Read more