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Teatro is a signature restaurant and bar that blends the best of East and West with a menu featuring masterpieces from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisines. At Teatro, elegant décor, fine cuisine, exquisite grapes and excellent service bring together a unique dining experience. The Read More

Park Rotana Abu Dhabi
Ground Level, Eastern Road
Khalifa Park
+971 2 657 3317
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
The Bar is absolutely amazing, nice Wine, perfect snacks, tried couple of dishes and all was perfect. Staff are very confident, very talkative, special Thanks goes to Manish for her friendly help and amazing service.  I would recommend everyone to go there and try their secret cocktails ingredientsRead more
My wife and I have been coming here regularly for years and we always enjoy the place. The service is excellent and the food is very good. The prize is on the higher side but it is well worth it. I also regularly take guests here and nobody has ever complained. Please keep up the good work.Read more
What an amazing experience to sit in this restaurant during the Chinese New Year celebration. The atmosphere was warm and very welcoming. Now, for the food, my hat goes off to the sushi chef for some of the best sushi I have ever had. I have frequented here before, but today, you could feel the love and passion transfer to such a delicious meal. It’s always a pleasure to watch the chef at work. To the staff, Chen was amazing as well in seeing that there was never a dull moment and my food was on time and cup never went empty. Here is definitely a place where you feel like part of a growing family. I will continue to return when ever I can. Read more
Disappointing experience. We were having the table next to the bar- where the staff were passing all the time , however we were unattended properly. Especially annoying was the supervisor (Indian nationality I believe) who was extremely unprofessional. While taking our order he laughed at the amount of food I ordered - it was pizza and risotto. He commented also: " You will eat all that ?! ". Please someone to explain to him that its NONE OF HIS BUSINESS WHAT AND HOW MUCH A CUSTOMER WILL EAT. He made the atmosphere very awkward on our table. Before end of a dinner I wanted to give the valet ticket to the supervisor for a stamp however he rejected to take it. Afterwards another staff took it, stamped and brought it back to me. Slow services - we waited 25 minutes to get the menu only. But anyway , if your manager / supervisor has the right to behave like that , what to expect from the staff. Big thanks to Jogesh who came to assist us even though we were not sitting in his area - he noticed that we were in a need of staff coming to our table. Such a humble and helpful person as Jogesh should be placed as a manager. Two stars are only because of him. Definitely I dont recommend this restaurant.Read more
Saturday 🍣night, this restaurant has good ambient, in/outside seating, good lighting and very good service. sushi: maki, sashimi, and nigiri are tasty. Salad bar : small quantities displayed and runs out quickly. The hot meal section is also limited. Desert are limited to Japanese ice-cream, didn't please anyone in my party. All in All, would come black here if changes are made, because the potential are there. C U Around Read more