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The Drunken Pot

Along with the new-age ambience, traditional hot pots are updated with artistic presentation, creative new broths and ingredient combinations at The Drunken Pot. This hot pot restaurant shakes off its old-fashioned image with a hip facelift. With dynamic street views from its terrace, it features a Read More

Shop 1, 2nd Level, 8 Observatory Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2321 9038
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Having had a couple of Hot Pot variations recently in Australia and Asia I have worked out that the enjoyment of the meal for me is 90% based on getting the right stock as a base. We nearly chose the Signature option of 5 stocks in the same vat but settled for just two: the mouth numbing option (my wife especially is a fan) and the Pork bone stock. I wasn’t a fan of either. The presentation of the vegetables and Angus beef steak strips was excellent; however when look is better than taste it’s never a good balance; the Fish & Meat balls, the bean curd we usually love so much and the gluggy noodles were all underwhelming. Not a great night. Willing service though.Read more
We wanted to try Hong Kong style hot pot and picked this place because it gives many great options for styles of broths to dunk your ingredients in. We chose 4 different broths but the lobster mushroom stole the show by far! If you are a fan of creamy sauces then just order that one as the others did not compare. The other 3 we chose were spicy tofu, pork and beef rib. The pork one was nice if you want a plainer option and the tofu was VERY spicy. It really depends what you like to eat. I would also recommend choosing only the raw meat ingredients as the dumplings were a bit difficult to judge how long to cook for and the meatballs were pretty average in taste. The sliced beef and pork was perfection! Especially dipped in your own dipping sauce (which you get ingredients to create yourself). For two people trying 4 broths and about 6 ingredients plus two alcoholic drinks, it cost around £70. We are sure we could get the price down if we were to go again as we would only order the one broth and meats (£50? maybe).Read more
What a gimmick of real Chinese shabu! A perfect way of serving shabu to enjoy dinning with your friends, superb display for beef slice and a dragon dumpling lead you guys to an immersive of Real Chinese shabu! I would recommend you guys who want to book a plan to here please dont miss to take a beyond step of shabu!Read more
Come here with friends and all good. Highly recommend here. Just enjoy and take it easy. Cool atmostohere.Read more
Restaurant setting was oriental chic with dim lighting and made for good ambiance. There were plenty of soup base to choose from and we had a hard time selecting just 2 out of more than 20. But beware of the spicy one as it can get abit too much. If you think that's alot of choices already, wait til you see the ingredients consisting of more than 100 options! There is a good mix of vegetables, meat, seafood, fish paste items, etc. Bound to find something for everyone. Must order the salted egg yolk fried salmon skin, rack of beef slices, dumplings and duck blood! They gave us a tray of 10 condiments and you could mix your own concoction to dip the ingredients in. There's also wine on the drinks menu which is not common for hot pot restaurants.Read more