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The London Bicycle Tour Company

The London Bicycle Tour Company offers you London's original bike tour. The tours are safe, suitable for all standards and exciting. Tours are offered daily in various languages. They also offer a range of bike hire options. To book your bicycle tour on, select your ... More

74 Kennington Road, SE11 6N
+44 207 928 6838
The London Bicycle Tour Company

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  • Lambeth



Recent Reviews
This tour was the absolute highlight of our recent trip to London...Birgit was our guide and knows London like the back of her hand..the London marathon was on while we were doing the tour but she seamlessly changed the route to make sure we saw plenty of interesting sights. Birgit was great fun too, we spent so much time laughing and joking. I'd definitely do this tour again, it was great value for money!More
Had a great 3.5 hour cycle with Bridget! We live in UK and visit London all the time but cycling around it gives it a new perspective and I would definitely recommend it. We saw all the usual landmarks plus some new ones and heard some great stories and learnt things we never knew. Highly recommend this tour !More
Golden Tour- a jam packed, fun & informative tour of all the main landmarks in the beautiful city of London. I booked this trip as a birthday present for my husband & we took our 3 (teenage) children too. Our tour guide Max made our trip absolutely brilliant. He was a wealth of interesting facts & information for all the locations we visited & also pointed out lots of other fantastic little nuggets as we made our way to each landmark. During this tour we visited Lambeth Abbey, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, St Paul’s Cathedral, Smithsfield Market, and Cleopatra’s Needle. At every location Max was not only able to talk about the historic importance of the site, but also added lots of really interesting stories & anecdotes (or recommendations for bars & restaurants etc.) During the ride, Max ensured that the whole group remained together & felt safe & comfortable on the bikes. He was bright, friendly & professional. The bikes were well maintained & easy to ride & were accurately fitted to each member of the group. If you are looking for an interesting way to see London, then I couldn’t recommend this cycle tour more highly. Our whole family had a fantastic time. Thank you Max & all the staff at The London Bicycle Tour Company! We hope to come back & do one of your other tours in the future!More
Great way to see the sights- healthy safe and Birgit was a very knowledgeable, entertaining guide- would thoroughly recommend!More
A great bicycle tour of London. We stayed in London for a long time but didn't know that bicycle travel was so convenient. Thank you Brigit for your guidance, allowing me to fully understand the history of each great attraction again! She also cares about whether each member of us keeps up with her. I can see her looking back to observe members' dynamics from time to time. I can’t wait to experience a different route next time. 一次很棒的伦敦自行车之旅。 我们在伦敦呆了很长时间,但不知道自行车旅行如此方便。 感谢 Brigit 的指引,让我再次全面了解每一个伟大景点的历史! 她也关心我们每个人是否跟得上她。 我可以看到她不时回头观察成员动态。 我迫不及待想下次体验不同的路线。More