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The Olive Branch Restaurant

The Olive Branch is an all-day dining Mediterranean restaurant that features a globally inspired buffet and à la carte menu with an eye for the season’s freshest offerings. Diners can expect bold, soulful dishes without any borders, enjoyed against sweeping views of the Arabian Sea Read More

Mafraq Hotel
Ground Level
Al Mafraq
+971 2 659 6666
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
I spent a night in Mafraq Hotel and not willing to take the car and search to something better I gave it a try. I spent 97.28 AED for a buffet with a small bottle of water. Nothing good and nothing bad, the buffet doesn't compensate for the dismal ambience.Read more
The Olive Branch is an "in house" restaurant of the Mafraq Hotel serving mostly buffet type meals. I use it often because it is convenient for me as a regular guest at Mafraq. The choices at the buffet are quite wide because the hotel has guests from just about everywhere in the world and they try to match their menu to their guests, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Their salads choices are generally very good and their desserts are of a uniformly good standard offering some very good cakes and always a good selection of fresh melons. The main course is sometimes good, sometimes disappointing. The fish is usually the best choice unless it is a night when they are serving Kingfish which I don't like. Chicken dishes are OK but lacking in flavour. Just occasionally the red meat dishes are OK but I think they only buy the cheapest cuts, the lamb is sometimes Pakistani which is inedible, and on one occasion I tried the "beef" which was clearly not beef at all but was substituted buffalo from India. To their credit, the management responded very positively to my complaint about being served buffalo instead of beef and the matter was resolved amicably. Service and management are always excellent, few much more highly rated restaurants around the world could match the Olive Branch in this department. Overall, the buffets could be served hotter and the practice of buying low cost red meat needs to be carefully reconsidered, it would be better to offer fewer red meat options but to buy at least average quality lamb and beef, and certainly no buffalo or the dreaded Indian "beef". There is always a pasta option which is great and nine times out of ten I leave the table satisfied with my choice, not bad for AED 88.Read more
First I went to eat at burligton grill, but that was closed :) so there is no other option but to sit in olive branch the main signature restaurant. Took the option of a buffet, looked good though but tasted hmmmm let me remember if it tasted anything ???? I cant remember , the boiled rice horrible and cold, the beef cuts cold, the chicken cold, damn everything was not warm at all, or maybe a bad day. taste nothing at all, you dont feel any flavors at all . I was shocked and a bit embarrassed about the food since I had a business guest from Austria . Lets not forget the desert, I tried 4 kinds of pastries, they looked awesome on the serving dish but taste very very average and nothing to remember about it at all. Read more