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The Roundhouse - BBQ + Beer

The Roundhouse BBQ + Beer is the first taproom in Hong Kong to feature 25 types of carefully selected craft beer on tap and more in bottles. They also serve authentic Texas BBQ Read More

62 Peel Street
Bar Food
+852 2366 4880
[email protected]

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Hong Kong 2018

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Recent Reviews
Glad i made the hard trek up the hill to check this place. Great selection of craft beers from around the world. Staff gave me the option to taste some beers before i selected my choice. Highly recommend this place. You would love this place. Coming back again.Read more
Myself and my mates were taken here by a friend who lives in Hong Kong. He said we should make the effort to climb the hill to this place as it is special. Glad to say he wasn’t wrong. Special bijou bar offering a great selection of excellently kept craft beers. All supported by a very knowledgeable team of bar staff a great bar menu to treat the hungry traveler enjoying their ale. Well done to the Roundhouse team 👍Read more
Very disappointing and brief visit. No price list for craft beers on tap and waiter unsure of prices, only giving a price range and saying 'I think' while guessing prices of specific drinks. When I pointed out how easy and quick it would be to scribble down the prices, he said the owner prefers not to. There is no excuse not to give customers a clear price list from the outset. I even wonder if not disclosing prices is legal or not. Unbelievably bad customer focus and not to be trusted. Avoid and head to any other drinking establishment which all show prices clearly, whether regularly rotating craft beers or not.Read more
Excellent selection of craft beer both local and otherwise. Knowledgeable staff happy to give recommendations and offer tastings. Highly recommended to any beer enthusiasts. Read more
A lot of bars come and go in Hong Kong but it nice to find an establishment that even though it's off the main drag that tourist hang around in, it's consistency of product and service drag the locals in and when tourists find out about it, they too come back. With a huge range of craft beer taps, 26 in total, daily changes of 4-5 beers, now bottled craft brews as well, wine for the non craft beer drinkers as well as spirits there us something for everyone. Add to that some nice American Texas smoked grills & meats etc, great background music it's a great place to relax for a quiet one or get together with a bunch of friends or colleagues. Do yourself a favour, it's easy to find just up Peel street from the corner of Elgin St. Sit inside in the atmosphere or outside on the footpath and take in the Hong Kong vibe. Service - 8/10 Food - 7/10 Beers - 10/10 Atmosphere - 9/10 Overall - 8.25/10Read more