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The Salted Pig

The Salted Pig is a rustic eatery & bar specialising in delectable pork-based comfort food and embracing all that is good with fresh, seasonal ingredients. They emphasise in family-style dining with great value. All outlets are set as a traditional English-style farmhouse filled with cosy wooden Read More

Ground Level, No.1 Knutsford Terrace
Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2367 0990
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
While I was enjoying the delicious food with my husband and sharing the pictures and restaurant location with friends and family; I am very careful when using “Entertainer”..this kind of paid discount, I always enquire if the dishes I am ordering are eligible when placing order. Upon paying the bill, the waitress show me some small prints telling us “Entertainer” is not acceptable on Public Holiday. Although finally we got the discount but still do not appreciate the waiter’s attitude when settling the final payment. This is the first time I try this restaurant ... was not a present experience. Felt unwelcome. Read more
Booked through Eatigo having friends gathering. Food itself is average while service can be better. Just one note to add is that I was with a friend having seen each other for long time and was thinking to select a place with a decent environment and less crowded place so that we can catch up without rushing it. But then after we finish our dishes and enjoying our conversation, one of the waiter came over and said that according to eatigo booking regulation we will have to keep ordering or else times up and we need to return the table. We were like ok alright you are asking your customer to leave while half of your restaurant is emptied, that is fine. I am not complaining and I am not saying the restaurant should not follow the rules. But this unwelcoming experience just simply give me no choice but to avoid going to this or other “The Salted Pig”Read more
Great meal choices! Friendly staff with excellent service every visit. Really enjoy their tuna salad when you need to eat late.Read more
Great Mediterranean Restaurant and really a great find in Knutsford Terrace. Service is great and they have a full bar.Read more
I’ve been twice now to the Salted Pig and loved the food. The ribs are a North Carolina style wet back ribs with a honey BBQ flavor served with some great grilled corn on the cob. All I really needed was a pc of loaf bread to feel at home but the fries were excellent. I’m going to bet the owner has spent some time in North Carolina. Presentation was excellent as was getting it out timely. Being from the Memphis area, I know BBQ and this was some fall off the bone good ribs. I topped this off with a seared tuna salad that was the bomb. Salad had a vinegary salad dressing that was great along with small boiled potatoes, beans, and the perfect boiled egg. I also had the Salty beer lager which was the perfect pale ale / light beer I wanted. There is an all day breakfast menu which my companion enjoyed very much. Cooked perfectly I really liked you could watch the kitchen work and see that you were not going to get sick later. Obviously professional cooks. Service was as good as most Restaurants in Hong Kong. I saw some other post on this subject , but if your busy, the service is not as much as those restaurants that have bad food because no one is in there. I’d rather have the good food I had here than to be waited on hand and foot ... after all, this is a BBQ joint as the name indicates.Read more