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The Salted Pig

The Salted Pig is a rustic eatery & bar specialising in delectable pork-based comfort food and embracing all that is good with fresh, seasonal ingredients. They emphasise in family-style dining with great value. All outlets are set as a traditional English-style farmhouse filled with cosy wooden Read More

Shop GB8-10, Ground Level, Site B, 45 Tai Hong Street
Sai Wan Ho
+852 2707 9459
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Dined with my family with threes kids for dinner. All the food were tasty... tomahawk steak, roasted pig (this one is a bit small considering its price), salad, burger, etc. The price of the tomahawk was just half of the one we had in another restaurant in Central... but equally tasty if not better. Services were good... not served by a particular waiter but everyone in the shop were helpful and cheerful. Recommended.Read more
之前食生日飯,閨蜜帶咗我去諾士佛臺嘅”豬門店The Salted Pig”,一試難忘!所以呢排成日提住話要帶男朋友去試下🙆🏻 點知呢日男朋友早有準備,帶咗我去佢地嘅另一間分店,位於西灣河海旁嘅蘇豪東,呢到環境寧靜,又有陣陣海風,感覺輕鬆自在,比起氣氛熱鬧嘅諾士佛臺,別有一番風味。 ⭐️秘制香料脆雞翼,香草甜酸醬 Crispy Chicken Wings, Coriander Chili Dip ($118/6pcs) 外皮只有一層好薄嘅炸漿,接近冇粉生炸效果,外皮唔會炸到乾哂收縮,火喉啱啱好,食落非常香脆👍🏻溫馨提示,食嘅時候要小心辣咀,因為入面嘅肉汁好豐富,好juicy! 個sauce另上,甜甜酸酸,又有陣陣香草氣息,係我鐘意嘅味道😋 ⭐️忌廉菠菜三角酥 Spinach & Cheese Puff Pastry Triangles ($128) 呢個都係有驚喜嘅菜式! 三角酥外皮焗得金黃,鬆化酥脆,入面嘅菠菜香嫩,芝士濃厚,仲有強勁嘅拉絲效果。 至於伴碟嘅沙律菜亦整作認真,淋上少少橄欖油同黑醋提鮮,面頭鋪滿巴馬臣芝士碎,配埋三角酥一齊食,清新唔漏。 ⭐️烤比目魚柳藏紅花燉飯 Roasted Halibut ($215) 比目魚烤得皮脆肉嫩,冇骨啖啖肉,面層鋪滿芝士碎,香草碎同少少蒜蓉,非常惹味🤤我好想自己食哂成舊🙈 比目魚底下嘅燉飯,腍身得嚟帶點咬口👍🏻 ⭐️鹽香雞粉炸薯條 Chicken Salt Fries ($58) 薯條新鮮滾熱辣上枱,未放低已經聞到嗰陣香氣同感受到佢嘅熱力,調味粉濃而不咸👍🏻 附上嘅辣醬絕對有畫龍點睛之效,好過癮嘅香辣,食到停唔到口😂 ⭐️地中海風味串串豬 Grilled Mediterranean Style Pork Kababs ($228) 男朋友堅持想叫嘅main course,睇menu嘅時候冇為意到個size😂點知上枱嘅時候我地哇一聲叫咗出嚟!好大串呀😂冇諗過會係咁大串,真係好抵食! 串串豬除咗嫩滑嘅烤豬外,中間仲夾雜住清甜嘅菠蘿同甜椒,可減低純肉串嘅肉滯感。伴碟嘅中東小米滲透住清新嘅檸檬香,口感特別👍🏻 ⭐️The Salted Pig Larger Draught ($68) 坐喺海旁點都要叫返杯Draught chillchill佢😌 ⭐️Oreo Madness ($68) Oreo shake打得幼細順滑,甜度適中👍🏻 📝餐廳外海旁一帶仲有好多錶位提供,揸車嚟食都好方便。 📝呢間係寵物友善餐廳,當晚都有人都埋狗狗嚟🥰 📝呢到嘅店員好好,上菜快,加水速度快,我地問佢有冇lunch menu睇下,佢即刻拎哂出嚟介紹仲派埋咭片,熱情好客👍🏻 📝每位成人消費滿$150,隨行嘅10歲以下小童仲可以免費享用兒童餐添!好適合一家大細👍🏻Read more
I was craving bacon, and so with a name like this, why not pop on in! I was the only guest as they had just opened, but almost all the tables were reserved for incoming guests. My sever was excellent, friendly and very accommodating. I ordered the “English Breakfast” with extra bacon. Unfortunately this is not what I received. He came over after a few minutes to explain that the kitchen didn’t understand the order and he was very sorry. Well being in the industry I know certainly well he put my order in wrong. I wasn’t offered to have it remade, which I found slightly odd. But no worries I did have my extra bacon. And the coffee was great! I’ll still give it a 4 star rating, but it could have been a 5star! Attention to detail goes along way! Read more
friendly service, they even made our table double without asking when it was half full of plates. Caring and nice. Mix grill was amazing, salmon salad awesome, coffee nice. One of the best choices in East Hong Kong island. Will return for sure. Set lunch can get you super full with 165HKD.Read more
Everything is ok. Nothing outstanding and nothing beyond expectation. Price is not super for this level of service.Read more