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The Ubud Village Resort & Spa

The Ubud Village Resort & Spa is a retreat-style boutique resort designed for relaxation, invigoration and peaceful contemplation. Situated within a Balinese-style village, all 30 private pool villas command either picturesque terraced rice paddies or a pastoral sanctuary of lush greeneries. Pamper Read More

The Ubud Village Resort & Spa
Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning, Pengosekan
+62 361 978 444

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Recent Reviews
Fantastic peaceful location to escape the hustle and bustle of Ubud centre. Staff were excellent in addressing all requests without delay and making us feel very welcome and at ease. Will definitely be returning next year. Read more
Great hospitality from the main entrance through your own villa. Located in nice location which not far from ubud market. Food and hightea was provide during our stay. We have a great time there and hope to be back soon Read more
THE GOOD: -Common Areas - Pool, spa, and restaurant were all very well appointed and well kept. The pool area in particular was beautiful and the spa treatment rooms were spacious with a shower/bath/nice view. -Massages - I had 3 massages while at the resort and all were very well done. -Tea- Tea was offered daily at 4pm in the coffee bar atop the pool area. A variety of finger food was offered with this. Be aware though that although this is literally next to the pool and seems like a very casual outdoor space, you will not be able to have tea unless you are fully dressed (kimonos included). -Balinese structure for the villas - I enjoyed the fact that the villas were modeled off the Balinese compounds, with an emphasis on outdoor space. -Food Service - Efficient and helpful. THE BAD: -Value for Money - In most places I travel to, $200/nt would be a steal for a pool villa. In Bali, where everything is so cheap, this seemed to be poor value for the money, considering the issues I had: -Transportation Issues - This was my biggest issue. The resort was located about a 40 minute walk from the Ubud Palace (center of Ubud) and I felt I had no easy way to get in and out of the resort to the village. This really put a strain on what should have been a relaxing vacation. (1) Walking -The website notes the hotel has "easy walking access" to shops, restaurants, etc...yes, there are things nearby, but I did not find this to be easy access by any means. The resort is located on Nyuh Kuning road, which was very busy with cars and motorbikes constantly whizzing by--there are no sidewalks, no lights, & it's dangerous until you get onto JL Raya Pengosekan (only ~2-3 minutes, but still). (2) Shuttle - The hotel does have a shuttle service, that goes to their other hotel, located closer to the Ubud Palace and on the main shopping street. This started around 9am and went into the night and was mostly hourly, on the hour. Unfortunately, this timing never worked for me as I was in Ubud for yoga and always going into the center or nearby for classes that started on the hour. If you have a more flexible schedule, this might be fine for you. (3) Taxis - The hotel flat out refused to call taxis, instead forcing guests to use their car service if they needed transportation outside of the shuttle. I have never experienced this anywhere before. The hotel's car service seemed to be anywhere from 3x the price of the taxis in town. (4) Hotel Car Service - I used this several times. You need to book it in advance, they call you to reconfirm it, and then you come to the lobby to confirm and sign your bill before you get a car anywhere. A bit of a to-do, but fine the first 2 times I used it. The third time, I asked to book a car for 1 hour - they have a price list where this was one of the offered options for 200,000 ($15 USD) rupiah. I described that I wanted to make a quick photo stop at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces for a few minutes (30 min drive from the hotel) and then be dropped off at Pyramids of Chi (15 min drive from the rice terraces in the direction of the hotel). For some reason, this took about 15 minutes to explain, but I finally got confirmation. The morning of, I was called by reception and asked to confirm - again, spent about 10 minutes describing what I wanted to someone new and was told OK. When I went to get the car I'd booked for 4pm, they tried to charge me for 2 hours at 450 rupiah. It again took about 10 minutes to explain what I wanted and that it was only for an hour. They adjusted and brought the car. Getting into the car, I explained to the driver. He said OK. The drive to the rice terrace took 30 minutes exactly, then we spent 5 minutes to walk to a viewpoint, and a few minutes to take some photos. I had to prod him to leave and asked him to take me to Pyramids of Chi as discussed. He seemed thoroughly confused and called the hotel - we spent more time on the phone explaining. By this point, we'd left 10 minutes late and spent more time on the phone with the hotel as he did not understand. The hotel then said my hour was up. Were it not for the confusion at the hotel and on the phone, we could have easily made the stop at the rice terraces and made the dropoff within an hour. The communication here was an absolute mess, and I really felt the hotel was being incredibly petty / trying to rip me off. I've never experienced anything like this at another hotel. -Private Pool - The pool villas have small plunge pools & outdoor areas--this was one of the main reasons I'd booked here. However, there was a big gap from the pool ledge to the first step, that made it incredibly difficult for someone who is not tall to get in and out of the pool (I'm 5'7, in my 30s and in good shape). I hurt my knee trying to climb out of the pool on the first night and only used it that once as a result. Total waste of money given I'd booked here/paid extra for the pool. -Room - While the room was nice enough, it did look a bit shabby compared to the pictures. My biggest complaint was that none of the doors properly closed, and as a result, no bugs/etc were kept out (I found 2 frogs, 3 lizards, and constant mosquitoes). There were dead bugs squashed on the walls that weren't cleaned, several stains on the linens, etc. The hair dryer was ancient and only blew a small amount of cold hair (I tried it once and it took me 1 full hour to dry my medium length hair). -Food - Fine, but much better food can be found in town for a fraction of the price. Breakfast was included, but really lacked variety. -Nail Salon - Don't waste your time/money here. While the technician was nice and did a good job for the tools she had, it was ill-equipped and looked nothing like the rest of the spa. There were about 20 color choices (odd color, by the way) and no dryer or even quick dry drops. The technician attempted to dry my toe nails with a weak hairdryer with cold air. My appointment went 20 minutes over, and after 10 minutes of the hair dryer (doing nothing), I had to leave. Of course, this meant my toe nails were not dry and smudged. I had to have them re-done, so this was a waste for me.Read more
I had a fantastic 4 night stay at Ubud Village & Resort in Jan 2019. I think the team exceeded expectations on all parameters. Staff - fantastic in all matters. From groundkeepers to drivers and service staff in general. Attention to details were fantastic and we fet at home at once. The resort itself is also a small gem. Fantastic landscape, peacefull and quiet, but still close to all restaurant and activities in Ubud. The villa was also amazing and the private pool is a great option when travelling with younger kids. I have +120 nights of travelling a year and this was an absolute highlight of mine! Thank youRead more
Perfect spot in the middle of Ubud amongst the rice fields. We stayed here for my wife's birthday whilst travelling in Bali. The hotel is a perfect location easy access to the centre of Ubud, the private villas are amazing with your own pool. We had a free upgrade and felt like we we truly in paradise. Staff are very friendly, food is great! Highly recommend.Read more