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Established in 1978, Timezone first opened in Perth, Australia and was the first family-oriented video amusement facility. Timezone provides a leisure family destination through quality merchandise and interactive game play with the hottest games. Presented with the latest fit-out, a bright, ... More

1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-03/03A
+65 6376 9658

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There has been no analytical review of the cost per ticket and value to players. After playing different games (exchanging for three electronic merchandise), I did some calculations on the best rate (value per ticket won) and a realistic rate achievable... First of all with all the ticket games, there is only one machine that allows you to get 1.75cents per ticket won (cost of game/ticket won = win rate). While from my experience a more realistic outcome is 2 to 3.5cents per ticket. Using the voucher exchange of $100 requires 11,000 etickets, this means it’ll cost you 2x to 3.5x more than if you were to pay for retail price. (But of course the point is the play and that’s arcades biz model). There are only 2-3 games max that allows players to get 2 to 3.5cents value per ticket. So if your objective is to accumulate etickets to exchange for a big prize, I think this is a good formula to follow, in terms of value (as arcade over the long run is intended to make money). Better for now not share specifically which 2-3 machines because these days, Timezone is actively decreasing the “winnable” jackpot tickets. So I do not want to risk “losing” those machines... One major complaint (as pointed out by other review) is that a lot of the machines are unavailable, broken down or needs servicing. If their business continues as such (with low win rates and spoilt machines), I don’t see them surviving long in Singapore as they will definitely start to lose money. (A second feedback is that the prize exchange on their website is limited unlike other places that allow you to exchange for footwear, jerseys, household electronics, etc...) Overall a lot of room for improvement if they choose to... More
It is a good place to unwind and bond with your kids! My daughter(9 yo) had fun with the bumper car although I felt that it was actually better before the revamp. Now, the space has shrunk and you cannot really drive in big circles anymore. I do not know why Timezone wants to reduce the size of the bumper car area. If it is to cater for more space for other games, it is pretty sad then. Anyhow, it is still the place to go to if you feel like having an indoor bumper car ride since you can only find it in this flagship outlet. We also had a go at the bowling alley and it was fun! I think this is new. Although it is not really like the real bowling alleys, kids will be pretty much contented with this. The ball is lighter which makes it more manageable for kids. Well, we can really spend a bomb there unknowingly. So, bear in mind not to overspend when you are having fun there ! More
Well aside from other entertainment within Vivocity this is another place of fun for the whole family. Usually I will visit when the store offers 1-for-1 eg. you pay $50 you get additional $50 credit. This is a very attractive deal compared with other arcade brands. Each ride on the bumper car and the latest VR roller coaster is not cheap and priced at S$7+, not sure about the VR coaster. As another TA member has mentioned don't need to waste $ on the claw machines unless you are an expert. Even the toy catcher located near to the bumper car has the difficulty up. The plushies are not that attractive. Both sides of the spongebob machine to get the cards are finally working after 1 side was spoiled for weeks. Changing the gift redemption into a store is attractive for the kids to pick out what they like, but need more attractive gifts pls.More
I have been to this outlet maybe 5 times and I always seem to find issues with every visit. Makes the experience so disappointing. I went there yesterday to find new games being installed. GREAT! but more than half of the arcade machines were closed or unavailable or simply turned off. The UFO claws are very loose. I usually avoid places like prize stage but this was one of the worse. Also, the placing of toys in the ufo machines are so near the glasses that it was IMPOSSIBLE to even touch the toy, much less grab it. The games that require guns need fixing. The wirings are loose so sometimes the sensor goes off. Save your points for other outlets, there was nothing nice or new to redeem at vivocity. I would suggest going to Plaza Singapura or even City Square for better prizes. The machines now require tap cards rather than the old swipe cards so my card was replaced with a shiny gold one. I am confused though, so how do I become platinum? Apparently having over 10k points still isnt enough!More
Hi timezone. I am truly disappointed with your service for the outlet in plaza singapura. Operating hours stating 1030 am opens. And by 1035 the store is not even ready to allow top up of cards. I am working 11am and time constraint is real. How can I even get to work on time when the staff told me I have to wait for additional 10 mins?! When it's a request just to top up a card....More